Star Class North American Championship day 2

Howie Schiebler (USA) leads Tomas Hornos (USA) around the mark - Star Class North Americans
Chuck Sweet
Day two of the Star Class North American Championship on Hamilton Harbour saw a number of obstructions which included a large freighter and a barge loaded with grain, but nothing that the Star fleet and race committee could not handle.

With winds varying from 10 - 14 knots with gusts to 18, Regatta Chair Brian Cramer remarked that it was a day with two solid races that 100 years of Star sailors would be proud of. With two days and five races completed, tied in first place are Arthur Anosov finishing in third and first today and John MacCausland who finished second in both of today's races. With two days of racing remaining there's very little change in the top ten finishers and with Thursday's weather a repeat of the first two days and Friday looking to be cooler with heavy rain predicted, there's still lots of opportunity for changes in the top six overall.

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