Sperry Top-Sider Charleston Race Week 2014 - Perfection for Day 1

Three of the top five skippers in the Melges 20 Class are in their early 20s the light quick sportboat seems to like a youthful touch.
2014 Charleston Race Week - South Carolina’s shining sun and crystal clear skies welcomed nearly 300 teams to Charleston Harbor for the 19th edition of Sperry Top-Sider Charleston Race Week today. With a moderate southerly wind allowing for three to four ideal races, Steve and Heidi Benjamin (Norwalk, CT) and their crew aboard the ultra-high-performance Carkeek 40 'Spookie,' used their light-air prowess to take three first-place finishes in the High Performance Rule Class. The competition in this group, which includes some of the fastest monohulls for their size ever built is fierce. But that appears to be a constant theme across the 16 classes that make up the regatta’s fleet.

On board 'Spookie,' navigator Bora Gulari of Detroit, Mich., gave credit to the braintrust in the back of the boat. 'We’ve got a great afterguard on the boat, and Heidi put the boat in good spots.' 'There’s never a minute to relax though – one bad maneuver and the rest of the fleet will pass you before you know what happened.'

Josh Stone turns back down the wave.

The HPR Class tried something new for this year. The group’s final race of the day sent the boats around the conventional windward-leeward course, and then back ashore through the Charleston Harbor jetties, past Fort Sumter, and all the way to the finish line at Patriot’s Point. Gulari said this middle-distance addition was a welcome change. 'These boats sail so much faster than they can go under engine power, and it’s ten times more fun to race back to the harbor than it is to drive a motorboat back.'

Another grand prix raceboat – the brand new Farr 280 'Chessie Racing,' leads her PHRF B class by three points over perennial Charleston stalwart Gerry Taylor on the Cape Fear 38 'Tangent' – this despite the fact that the sparkling new 'Chessie' had never even touched the water before Wednesday. 'We’re working through a few teething issues, but we had an absolute blast on the water today,' said skipper Ian Gordon. 'This class had plenty of tight racing with similarly sized boats all finishing within a short space, and we definitely feel like we earned our results.'

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Royal Perth Yacht Club .

The Pursuit Class, particularly those boats sailing in the non-spinnaker divisions may lack carbon fiber and other high-tech accoutrement, but the racers certainly don’t lack spirit. Sailing with a mostly family crew on board his Soverel 36 yawl 'Houzee,' Francisco Davilas looked like a sure thing for the wire-to-wire victory in today’s single race until fellow Charlestonian Scott Strother aboard Destiny chased him down just before the finish. Davilas, whose boat is likely the oldest one in the regatta (circa 1964), settled for second place, but you wouldn’t have known it from his smile at the finish line.

Safran Sailing Team

A highlight this year is the regatta’s first-ever Multihull Class, whose entrants provided a spectacle for the entire harbor, with the fastest of them – the Marine City, Mich.-based F-31R trimaran 'Cheekee,' scorching down the harbor to the finish at around 23 knots. Chicago-Mackinac Race Safety Director Ron White said it was a little dicey at that angle, but nothing his old boat couldn’t handle. 'This is the kind of flat-water, reaching stuff that these boats just eat up, and there’s only one problem I have with the racing today: There should be 50 more multihulls out here doing the same thing,' said White. 'This is about as good as it gets, from the downtown to the amazing welcome you get to the shoreside organization; if you have a multihull, you should be here.'

Close racing action

Charleston is a growing and vibrant city, and it’s fitting that Sperry Top-Sider Charleston Race Week attracts dozens of young sailors to the race course; current and past College of Charleston sailors fill the fleet while teens and twenty-somethings from around the country crew and helm their way through the Race Week courses. Charleston is pleased to welcome the young adults of the US Coast Guard Academy’s sailing team to the Race Week starting line to the first time. The New London based school sent seven cadets to race two of the Academy’s new J/70s in Charleston’s big fleets, along with the sailing team’s offshore racing coach, Jack Neades. 'We’re currently transitioning to a fleet of J/70s for our students, and we thought Charleston would be the perfect event to test the waters and see how we’d go at this level of one-design racing.' Neades says sailing is great for his cadets’ training. 'They’re on the water, navigating boats, driving boats, paying attention to the wind, the currents, and the competition, and that’s going to make them better mariners,' he said.

Etchells Australasian Winter Championship 2014. The Doctor up the top of field in Race 2 today.
Teri Dodds

No fleet has more young standouts than the Audi Melges 20 fleet, with three twenty-somethings in the top five skippers after four races. 24-year old Jason Michas from New York, NY leads the fleet by a 16 point gap, while 23-year-old College of Charleston racer Grace Lucas (Little Silver, NJl) sits in third place, just one point out of second. Rounding out the top five is another College of Charleston student, 20-year old Declan Whitmyer Jr, just a point behind Lucas. Lucas said she felt incredibly lucky to be competing in this event, and attributes her success to her crew. 'We’ve got a couple of great college sailors and ‘big daddy’ Sam Rogers on tactics, and they’re making it fun and fast out there,' said Lucas. 'It’s definitely going to be hard to go back to FJs and 420s after this week!'

Race 14, day 3 - Clipper Round The World Yacht Race 2013-14
Clipper 13-14 Round the World Yacht Race

Representatives from the regatta’s official weather source, Weatherflow, say that tomorrow, racers can expect more of the same; an expanding Atlantic high pressure system means more light to moderate southerlies, with the chance for another good sea breeze tomorrow afternoon. Monitor local conditions live and check out forecast tables here.

Striking GP42 Tokoloshe II - Harken May Regatta 2014
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Complete Results:
2014 Sperry Top-Sider Charleston Race Week Preliminary Cumulative Results:

   BowSail NumberYacht NameYacht DesignOwner/SkipperRace
STCRW14 Inshore Circle 1 Racing
 One Design Division
  J 80
  1.18USA 1486Do It for DenmarkJ 80Will & Marie Crump / Thomas Klok 11114.0
  2.14USA 1150Cool JJ 80Alexander Kraus 434314.0
  3.12USA 59Church KeyJ 80Chris & Liz Chadwick 322815.0
  4.23USA 19RumorJ 80John Storck, Jr 265215.0
  5.17USA 286MangoJ 80Ken Mangano 546419.0
  6.15USA 357DragonflyJ 80Chris Johnson 853521.0
  7.22USA 1483Wild HorsesJ 80Dave Manheimer 678930.0
  8.20USA 11USA 11J 80Bert Carp 797730.0
  9.19USA 1314StackedJ 80Ramzi Bannura 989632.0
  J 24
  1.31USA 41035443J 24Mike Ingham 11316.0
  2.44USA 5277Rudie / Gill Race TeamJ 24Skip Dieball 23229.0
  3.32USA 1829BashJ 24Ron Medlin, Jr. 1041318.0
  4.41CAN 4025LiftedJ 24Evan Petley-Jones 366520.0
  5.30USA 5351Murder, Inc.J 24Juan E. Maegli 575825.0
  6.40USA 2260Level PelicanJ 24Rob Bowden 857626.0
  7.46USA 5476VelocidadJ 24Christopher Stone 1624931.0
  8.35USA 4094BonesJ 24Robert Harf 1489738.0
  9.38USA 3492FootlooseJ 24Maarten Zonjee 111213440.0
  10.39USA 3266Jo MammaJ 24Mike Palazzo 411111541.0
  11.45USA 5274TutakrnautJ 24Roger Dougal 99101442.0
  12.33USA 176Blind DateJ 24Jay Adams 121381346.0
  13.42USA 4242Mobile HOmeJ 24Tim Rathbun 616141248.0
  14.36USA 2349ChicoraJ 24Don Hill 7171520/DNF59.0
  15.47USA 1572Dirty White BoyJ 24David Moffly 1715171059.0
  16.34USA 423Blowin SmokeJ 24David Eggleton 15141220/DSQ61.0
  17.48USA 2215Sea PlaneJ 24Randy Tilly 131820/DNF1162.0
  18.37USA 555Core BumpJ 24Alex Bolan 1818/SCP161769.0
  19.49USA 3321BounceJ 24Jack Roberts 1919181672.0
  J 22
  1.0USA 1051TorqeedoJ 22Arthur Libby 11327.0
  2.8USA 1504BattubJ 22Aden King 231511.0
  3.2USA 2CofC 2J 22Sue McIntyre 364114.0
  4.6USA 6Quick BeatJ 22Chris Sands 552416.0
  5.4USA 4CofC 4J 22James Reynolds 426618.0
  6.9USA 9Flashpoint CharlestonJ 22Reggie Fairchild 645318.0
  7.5USA 5CofC 5J 22Adam Coker 7779/DNF30.0
  8.7BAH 6TBDJ 22Jay Greenfield 9/DNS9/DNS9/DNS9/DNS36.0
STCRW14 Inshore Circle 2 Racing
 One Design Division
  J 70
  1.76USA 187CatapultJ 70Joel Ronning 111 3.0
  2.59USA 45Wild ChildJ 70Henry Filter 631 10.0
  3.85USA 179AfricaJ 70Jud Smith 1012 13.0
  4.42USA 167KrakenJ 70Gary Tisdale / Adam Burns 563 14.0
  5.17USA 2Helly HansenJ 70Tim Healy 384 15.0
  6.45USA 248ScampJ 70Will Welles 1710 18.0
  7.18USA 397Hot MessJ 70Rob Britts 3411 18.0
  8.46USA 364School's OutJ 70John Aras 1351 19.0
  9.50USA 316SuperfectaJ 70James Barnash 1028 20.0
  10.19USA 217Joint Custody J 70Jenn & Ray Wulff 758 20.0
  11.51USA 245USA 245J 70Ian Liberty 5133 21.0
  12.54CAN 246Touch2PlayJ 70Rob & Sandy Butler 1176 24.0
  13.72USA 51Black River RacingJ 70Doug Strebel 897 24.0
  14.44USA 96SavasanaJ 70Brian Keane 2204 26.0
  15.39USA 34Perseverance J 70Bennet Greenwald 8415 27.0
  16.55USA 185Turbo DuckJ 70Bodo & Nick von der Wense 41413 31.0
  17.25USA 94LiftedJ 70Jim Cunningham 6619 31.0
  18.53USA 159TorqeedoJ 70Chris Carroll 21714 33.0
  19.41USA 151Reach AroundJ 70Thomas Bowen 12212 35.0
  20.43USA 171Running WildJ 70Peter Vessella 13129 35.0
  21.62BER 308ElusiveJ 70Chuck Millican 91512 36.0
  22.29USA 174Magic BusJ 70Gregg Mylett 19221 42.0
  23.48USA 86StampedeJ 70Loring / Pasquinelli 9269 44.0
  24.82USA 11MenaceJ 70Kerry Klingler 72414 45.0
  25.33USA 95MuseJ 70Heather Gregg-Earl / Joe Bardenheier 43013 47.0
  26.80BRA 403Bruschetta J 70Mauricio Santa Cruz 172310 50.0
  27.36USA 68NonameJ 70Ron Thompson 21275 53.0
  28.26USA 97LokiJ 70Michael Zupon 161522 53.0
  29.28USA 62Lucky CharmJ 70Ken Corsig 28124 53.0
  30.47USA 157SpringJ 70Dave Franzel 181124 53.0
  31.37USA 99NostalgiaJ 70Blake & Lud Kimbrough 201816 54.0
  32.49USA 152SundogJ 70Kathy Parks 25256 56.0
  33.79USA 219GetMyBoatJ 70Vortex Racing 33167 56.0
  34.35USA 335NitemareJ 70Amy Neill 151131 57.0
  35.81USA 48Wicked WitchJ 70Larry Landry / Paul McDowell 132025 58.0
  36.31USA 035MoxieJ 70Cole Allsopp 191326 58.0
  37.22USA 15JuniorJ 70Don & Tim Finkle 222512 59.0
  38.52USA 87Tick Tock CrocJ 70Richard Nesbett 183111 60.0
  39.27USA 46LoonatictuJ 70R Noel Clinard 113316 60.0
  40.21USA 26JunglelandJ 70Chris and Carolyn Groobey 152322 60.0
  41.73USA 37GrizzlyJ 70Charles Bayer 221028 60.0
  42.38USA 410Perfect TenJ 70Joe & Jeff Pawlowski 212615 62.0
  43.13USA 169EmpeiriaJ 70John Heaton 143117 62.0
  44.9USA 488ConvexityJ 70Donald Wilson 242217 63.0
  45.69USA 184VLLNJ 70Patrick Nichols / Mark Nichols 161830 64.0
  46.74USA 238Zuni BearJ 70Rich Bergmann 26932 64.0
  47.4USA 326AquaholiksJ 70Martin Johnsson 121042/DSQ 64.0
  48.68USA 425USA 425J 70Joe Baggett 29829 66.0
  49.5USA 510Button FlyJ 70Andrew and Melissa Fisher 231429 66.0
  50.10USA 369Cool Story Bro.J 70John Brigden 232223 68.0
  51.24USA 207Leading EdgeJ 70Todd Hiller 2624/SCP19 69.0
  52.12USA 340RimetteJ 70John Brim 271923 69.0
  53.7USA 497ChinookJ 70Frank McNamara 172428 69.0
  54.86USA 420E.L.E.J 70Matt Braun 351718 70.0
  55.34USA 194NapoleonJ 70Patrick Byrne 301625 71.0
  56.61USA 28Misson ImpossibleJ 70David Malkin 282818 74.0
  57.32USA 379MummblesJ 70Brad Kauffman 321927 78.0
  58.40USA 220PhoenixJ 70Peter Firey 322127 80.0
  59.3USA 378378J 70Jeff Schaefer 272926 82.0
  60.11USA 357Danger MouseJ 70Kristen Berry 313221 84.0
  61.23USA 236Layla J 70Tim Gibbs 203034 84.0
  62.1USA 39020/20 RacingJ 70John Arendshorst 313620 87.0
  63.16USA 100GeminiJ 70Blane Shea 343420 88.0
  64.56USA 168USA 168J 70Marty McKenna 302731 88.0
  65.30USA 199MojitoJ 70Catharine Evans 253232 89.0
  66.65USA 36Taipan SBJ 70Lloyd Karzen 243436 94.0
  67.67USA 388US 388J 70Jack Neades 333330 96.0
  68.6USA 358BucephalusJ 70Andrea Krasinski 293533 97.0
  69.66USA 367US 367J 70Tiller Halfhill 342934 97.0
  70.75CAN 361emiLeeJ 70Hadrian Corning 372835 100.0
  71.64USA 392SlinkyJ 70Scott Bursor 353533 103.0
  72.2USA 91CarlosJ 70Vinnie Pattavina 363736 109.0
  73.60USA 382ZombieJ 70Kristen Robinson 393635 110.0
  74.14USA 204EowynJ 70Peter Winkelstein 363737 110.0
  75.58USA 345White RabbitJ 70Steve Kiemele 383838 114.0
  76.77USA 486smokin'jJ 70don trask 42/DNC42/DNC42/DNC 126.0
  77.63USA 208ShamrockJ 70Jim Flaherty 42/DNC42/DNC42/DNC 126.0
  78.15USA 64Exit Strategy IIJ 70Jack Martin 42/DNC42/DNC42/DNC 126.0
  79.8USA 309CloudSourcedJ 70Ronald Copfer 42/DNC42/DNC42/DNC 126.0
  80.78GBR 557Boats.comJ 70Ian Atkins 42/DNC42/DNC42/DNC 126.0
  81.20USA 211JuicyJ 70Alwin Brunner 42/DNC42/DNC42/DNC 126.0
STCRW14 Inshore Circle 3 Racing
 One Design Division
  Melges 24
  1.31USA 747MonsoonMelges 24Brucey Ayres 116210.0
  2.30USA 635MojoMelges 24Steve Rhyne 262313.0
  3.48USA 786Battle RhythmMelges 24Guy Mossman 923519.0
  4.43CAN 629ZingaraMelges 24Richard Reid 1137627.0
  5.24USA 568GiddyUp (c)Melges 24Kevin Gillman 41051029.0
  6.34NOR 800Party GirlMelges 24Jens Altern Wathne 6741431.0
  7.28USA 115Leda (c)Melges 24Chris Field 31610433.0
  8.25USA 125Just Add Water (c)Melges 24Roger Counihan 10511935.0
  9.39USA 839The 300 Melges 24Steven Boho 7159738.0
  10.32USA 802NoneMelges 24Oakcliff sailing mike komar 89131141.0
  11.29USA 835MikeyMelges 24Kevin Welch 1725/OCS1144.0
  12.41USA 832Vindicator 3Melges 24Rick Bernstein 131114846.0
  13.23USA 106Evil DuerMelges 24Nate Duer 164171249.0
  14.47USA 55Gnarly Ruca (c)Melges 24Curtis Jazwiecki 1213121552.0
  15.21CAN 723CAN 723Melges 24Uri Saks 188181660.0
  16.37USA 292ShakaMelges 24KC Shannon 1418151360.0
  17.36USA 773Screaming MimiMelges 24Marc Bailey 1517161765.0
  18.38CAN 262Surprise (c)Melges 24Dan Berezin 525/DSQ191968.0
  19.45USA 419HERMESMelges 24Tony Stanley 2025/OCS81871.0
  20.40CAN 346Vapour TrailMelges 24Marc Steyn 2212202175.0
  21.22USA 523Entschuldigen SieMelges 24Don Holst 2314212078.0
  22.44USA 414Zoo (c)Melges 24Christoph Kalinski 19192225/DNS85.0
  23.46USA 769 Melges 24Oakcliff sailing / Jeff Mcfarlane 2125/DNF25/DNS25/DNS96.0
  24.27GER 624Kleine RainbowMelges 24Bent Dietrich 25/DNC25/DNS25/DNS25/DNS100.0
  Melges 20
  1.228USA 228Midnight BlueAudi Melges 20Jason Michas 214310.0
  2.76USA 7676KuaiAudi Melges 20Daniel Thielman 4511626.0
  3.424USA 4BombardoAudi Melges 20Grace Lucas 1813527.0
  4.3USA 3Lucky Dog / Gill Race TeamAudi Melges 20Travis Weisleder 810/ZFP7227.0
  5.217USA 217SlingshotAudi Melges 20Declan Whitmyer Jr 6331628.0
  6.14USA 14Red Sky Sailing TeamAudi Melges 20Paul Reilly 31110428.0
  7.226USA 226Section 16Audi Melges 20Richard Davies 10416131.0
  8.231USA 231Blind Squirrel (c)Audi Melges 20John Brown 12221531.0
  9.15USA 1315NinkasiAudi Melges 20John Taylor 996832.0
  10.13USA 13BacioAudi Melges 20Michael Kiss 5791334.0
  11.8USA 8ShimmerAudi Melges 20Russell Lucas 1114/ZFP1935.0
  12.147USA 147CinghialeAudi Melges 20Robert Wilber 18145744.0
  13.200USA 200Flat Stanley Racing: HooliganAudi Melges 20Trey Sheehan 1513121454.0
  14.213USA 213FlannelAudi Melges 20Mike Keefe 723/ZFP81856.0
  15.119USA 119StemmedAudi Melges 20David Dabney 2015141160.0
  16.225USA 225FlygfiskAudi Melges 20Tom Kassberg 1319/ZFP191061.0
  17.211USA 211MakairaAudi Melges 20Skip Shapiro 1912201263.0
  18.134USA 134Problem ChildAudi Melges 20Elliott James 1618151968.0
  19.186USA 186Details (c)Audi Melges 20Lance Smotherman 1720171771.0
  20.222CAN 222Wild Deuces (c)Audi Melges 20Paul Currie 1417212173.0
  21.245BRA 245PortobelloAudi Melges 20Cesar Gomes Neto 2116182075.0
  22.88USA 088YOLOAudi Melges 20Anthony Tabb 23/DNC23/DNS23/DNS23/DNS92.0
  Viper 640
  1.87USA 175175Viper 640Ted Green 31228.0
  2.90USA 155ArethusaViper 640Phil Lotz 821112.0
  3.61USA 128ARGOViper 640Jason Carroll 534315.0
  4.85USA 201BOLTViper 640Carson Reynolds 249520.0
  5.74USA 203Peer PressureViper 640Dave Hillmyer 1551021.0
  6.81USA 161Vicious PandaViper 640Peter Beardsley & David Owen 4103724.0
  7.67USA 169Flux CapacitorViper 640Jay Rhame 787830.0
  8.66USA 179Dragon FireViper 640Andrew Weiss / Jonathan Asch / Byron LaMotte 698932.0
  9.83USA 159Wild HogsViper 640Peter Bauer 9614635.0
  10.79USA 158Torr-IfficViper 640Peter Denton 107111341.0
  11.75USA 83PurplexedViper 640Barry Canton 141161647.0
  12.73USA 39Patched UpViper 640Cole Constantineau 1117101250.0
  13.84USA 221Choppy Seas Viper 640Thomas Loutrel 132116454.0
  14.78USA 213ThumperViper 640Warren Costikyan 1715211164.0
  15.72CAN 87OshunmareViper 640Steve Chapman 2112131864.0
  16.69USA 193Grey MatterViper 640Peter Broszkowski 1614191564.0
  17.68USA 108Granny's HoeViper 640Eddy Parker 1518181465.0
  18.82USA 167Viper 167Viper 640Lawrence Cutler / Steve Minninger 19131223/DNF67.0
  19.80USA 81USA 81Viper 640Bob McHugh 2016151970.0
  20.86USA 220220Viper 640Steve Taylor 1219202071.0
  21.77GBR 123SolicitationViper 640Adam Asch 1820171772.0
  22.89USA 175Short LivedViper 640Ted Green / Pete Largess / Nick Johnstone 23/DNC23/DNS23/DNS23/DNS92.0
STCRW14 Offshore Circle 4 Racing
 HPR Division
  1. USA 95SPOOKIEHPR Carkeek 40Steve & Heidi Benjamin 111 3.0
  2. USA 84001DecisionHPR Carkeek 40Stephen Murray 222 6.0
  3. USA 84002Denali^2Carkeek 40William McKinley 333 9.0
  4. USA 60456GrunDOOMCarkeek 47James Grundy 444 12.0
 One Design Division
  Tartan 10
  1. USA 183NorboyT-10Leif Sigmond 212 5.0
  2. USA 343Team IballT-10Scott Irwin 151 7.0
  3. USA 140AvatarT-10Lease Schock 323 8.0
  4. USA 31126TAZT-10Hanson Bratton 435 12.0
  5. USA 407Terminal VelocityLS 10Simon Beemsterboer 544 13.0
  6. USA 004Silver SurferT-10Andrew Nicoletti 666 18.0
 PHRF Division
  1. USA 52939TeamworkJ 122Robin Team 221 5.0
  2. USA 60432Cool BreezeMills 43 CustomJohn Cooper 312 6.0
  3. USA 93Spaceman SpiffJ 111Rob and Ryan Ruhlman 133 7.0
  4. USA 35029Fearless1D35Marc/John Durlach/Lucas 484.5 16.5
  5. USA 30Wicked 2.0J 111Douglas Curtiss 746 17.0
  6. USA 73KineticJ 111Rob Stein 854.5 17.5
  7. USA 122Black IceMelges 32Laura Grondin 568 19.0
  8. USA 103Evonne.com/3J 111John Yonover 677 20.0
  9. USA 28477BDauntlessBeneteau First 47.7Don Terwilliger 999 27.0
  10. USA 60003TarahumaraJ 122Jack Gregg 11/DNC11/DNC11/DNC 33.0
  1. USA 17Chessie RacingFarr 280Ian Gordon 112 4.0
  2. USA 53228TangentCape Fear 38Gerald Taylor 421 7.0
  3. USA 52120Moose DownJ 120Rick Moore 263 11.0
  4. USA 50484TemptressSR33Robert Hibdon 376 16.0
  5. USA 51882IllyriaJ 120John Keenan 844 16.0
  6. USA 21Hokey SmokeJ 88Stearns Sosa Racing 638 17.0
  7. CAN 8Dog PartyJ 88Terry Mckenna 557 17.0
  8. USA 32864ArrowJ 35Willy Schwenzfeier 795 21.0
  9. USA 93555NANUQSabre 426Glenn Doncaster 9812/RAF 29.0
  10. USA 433Dead On ArrivalJ 105Joe Highsmith 10109 29.0
  11. CAN 17SeaCanSeascape 27Svein Hubinette 111110 32.0
  1. USA 9AmigosJ 92David Pritchard 111 3.0
  2. USA 269Mighty PuffinJ 29 MHSteve Thurston 323 8.0
  3. USA 73456L'outrageBeneteau 10MBruce Gardner 234 9.0
  4. USA 225MongoJ 29 MHMiles Martschink 552 12.0
  5. 151AudaciousJ 27Robert Key 445 13.0
  6. USA 108Old SchoolS2 9.1Paul Jacques 667 19.0
  7. USA 108BernadetteS2 7.9 Grand SlamEric Dove 976 22.0
  8. USA 1131PHRFectionBeneteau FC10Madalin Keeble 788 23.0
  9. USA 172Sole VentoS2 7.9Adrian Cain 899 26.0
  1. USA 96Island FlyerWauquiez Centurion 40sDenny Manrique 111 3.0
  2. USA 51704CeladonBeneteau M510Steve Lesniak 242 8.0
  3. 17LaylaBeneteau Oceanis 461Hakki Etem 323 8.0
  4. USA 52462TohiduBeneteau 423Dale Cook 434 11.0
  5. 50973SuwanneeStevens 50 PHDonald Michael 555 15.0
STCRW14 Pursuit Racing
 One Design Division
  1. USA 12Panic ButtonFarrier F25cTodd Howe 1   1.0
  2. USA 64Flight SimulatorCorsair 28RTom Reese 2   2.0
  3. USA 24CheekyF-31mRick Warner 3   3.0
  4. USA 92Tri MeCorsair Dash 750 MKIIBob Gleason 4   4.0
  5. USA 35Fringe ElementCorsair Sprint 750 MK IIDavid Saint 5   5.0
  6. USA 119SpeedsterCorsair 750Philip Styne 7/DNC   7.0
  Pursuit Class - Spin
  1. USA 60349AlexandriaJeanneau 45.2Joseph Hanna 1   1.0
  2. USA 37120EmoceanJ 120 ALBill Hanckel 2   2.0
  3. USA 51977Naut-on-CallBeneteau Oceanis 381Eddie Evans 3   3.0
  4. USA 184indigoPearson VanguardElliott Dodds 4   4.0
  5. USA 60454AzuraSwan 56Jamie Walker 5   5.0
  6. USA 60519TravellerBeneteau Oceanis 45Bjorn Kronquist 6   6.0
  7. USA 32838QuintetteSabre 38Kenneth King 7   7.0
  8. USA 61500BIRDGulfstar 50Ed Steedman 8   8.0
  9. USA 265AllianceEricson 38Mark Stetler 9   9.0
  10. USA 50763Warrior's WishMount Gay 30Wade Miller 10   10.0
  11. USA 202JojoOlson 30Ray Dunn 11   11.0
  12. USA 52991Pied-'a-MerBeneteau 411Bernard M Schapiro 12   12.0
  13. USA 41826RagtimeJ 40James Little 13   13.0
  Pursuit Class - Non Spin
  1. USA 213DestinySabre 30 Mk3Scott Strother 1   1.0
  2. SV 1HouzeeSoverel 36 Non SpinFrancisco Davila 2   2.0
  3. USA 161CheersPearson 33Jim Smith 3   3.0
  4. USA 60451PeregrineBeneteau 456Timothy Vienneau 4   4.0
  5. USA 301The Usual SuspectsCatalina 42Robert Aymar 5   5.0
  6. USA 91L'AmarreAlberg 37Robert Mintz II 6   6.0
  7. USA 98Water MusicHunter 28 Non SpinGreg Handal 7   7.0
  8. USA 7DirectionMorgan 30/2 Non SpinJohn Springer 8   8.0
  9. 24WaterlillyFreedom 40/40R. Stephen Lilly 9   9.0
  10. USA 32956BreakAwayJ 30Mark Swatta 10   10.0
  11. USA 26042SigmaJeanneau Sun Odyssey 35Steve Ethier 11   11.0
  12. USA 261Kamikaze 3Morgan 24Peter Hamm 13/DNC   13.0

 2014 Sperry Top-Sider Charleston Race Week Corinthian Teams - Preliminary Cumulative Results:

   BowSail NumberYacht NameYacht DesignOwner/SkipperRace
STCRW14 Inshore Circle 2 Racing
 One Design Division
  J 70
  1.42USA 167KrakenJ 70Gary Tisdale / Adam Burns 563 14.0
  2.18USA 397Hot MessJ 70Rob Britts 3411 18.0
  3.46USA 364School's OutJ 70John Aras 1351 19.0
  4.25USA 94LiftedJ 70Jim Cunningham 6619 31.0
  5.53USA 159TorqeedoJ 70Chris Carroll 21714 33.0
  6.29USA 174Magic BusJ 70Gregg Mylett 19221 42.0
  7.33USA 95MuseJ 70Heather Gregg-Earl / Joe Bardenheier 43013 47.0
  8.36USA 68NonameJ 70Ron Thompson 21275 53.0
  9.49USA 152SundogJ 70Kathy Parks 25256 56.0
  10.52USA 87Tick Tock CrocJ 70Richard Nesbett 183111 60.0
  11.27USA 46LoonatictuJ 70R Noel Clinard 113316 60.0
  12.69USA 184VLLNJ 70Patrick Nichols / Mark Nichols 161830 64.0
  13.4USA 326AquaholiksJ 70Martin Johnsson 121042/DSQ 64.0
  14.68USA 425USA 425J 70Joe Baggett 29829 66.0
  15.7USA 497ChinookJ 70Frank McNamara 172428 69.0
  16.40USA 220PhoenixJ 70Peter Firey 322127 80.0
  17.23USA 236Layla J 70Tim Gibbs 203034 84.0
  18.1USA 39020/20 RacingJ 70John Arendshorst 313620 87.0
  19.16USA 100GeminiJ 70Blane Shea 343420 88.0
  20.56USA 168USA 168J 70Marty McKenna 302731 88.0
  21.30USA 199MojitoJ 70Catharine Evans 253232 89.0
  22.65USA 36Taipan SBJ 70Lloyd Karzen 243436 94.0
  23.6USA 358BucephalusJ 70Andrea Krasinski 293533 97.0
  24.75CAN 361emiLeeJ 70Hadrian Corning 372835 100.0
  25.60USA 382ZombieJ 70Kristen Robinson 393635 110.0
  26.14USA 204EowynJ 70Peter Winkelstein 363737 110.0
  27.58USA 345White RabbitJ 70Steve Kiemele 383838 114.0
STCRW14 Inshore Circle 3 Racing
 One Design Division
  Melges 24
  1.24USA 568GiddyUp (c)Melges 24Kevin Gillman 41051029.0
  2.28USA 115Leda (c)Melges 24Chris Field 31610433.0
  3.25USA 125Just Add Water (c)Melges 24Roger Counihan 10511935.0
  4.47USA 55Gnarly Ruca (c)Melges 24Curtis Jazwiecki 1213121552.0
  5.38CAN 262Surprise (c)Melges 24Dan Berezin 525/DSQ191968.0
  6.44USA 414Zoo (c)Melges 24Christoph Kalinski 19192225/DNS85.0
  Melges 20
  1.231USA 231Blind Squirrel (c)Audi Melges 20John Brown 12221531.0
  2.186USA 186Details (c)Audi Melges 20Lance Smotherman 1720171771.0
  3.222CAN 222Wild Deuces (c)Audi Melges 20Paul Currie 1417212173.0