South Pacific Teams Regatta- Beach volleyball, snorkeling and sailing

South Pacific Team Racing - 2011
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Ross Sutherland (NZL) reports after Day 4 of Sailing on the Muri lagoon in Rarotonga for the seventh South Pacific Teams Regatta.

The South Island team are just one point behind the top Aitutaki team - much to everyone's surprise as the Aitutaki boys have been giving them all a good sailing lesson in Sunbursts all week .

Once again South Australia has sent a development squad to make it a tri nation event with a North Island and Rarotonga team making the total of five teams.

The North island Girls Won the mid week all girl skippers title, after some very close racing and some extra crew from the south as we have eight South Islanders and four Norths this year, coming from Timaru to Kerikeri. The combination of Manahiki/Aitutaki outer islanders team creamed every one on Tuesday, in the beach Volleyball competition, when the winds got a little too high for the boat master to keep up with repairs.

Its been a full on week from snorkeling with Turtles to crossing the islands interior and shopping at the Market to racing in the club Vakas over the coral heads in the outer lagoon.

Lots of new friends and all healthy and well.

Cheers All