Skill-building seminars for cruising sailors in New Zealand

Passagemaker seminars - vastly popular with New Zealanders and for a growing number of international visitors
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You'll need to fly (or sail) to New Zealand to take advantage of the information in this article, but a small but growing number of Australians are doing just that and there's nothing beats good preparation as the key to successful offshore passage making. John and Lyn Martin are offering seminars in Auckland on 11th and 12th February on everything to do with making successful ocean crossings.

The reason the seminars are so vital is that, by the time you're thinking of heading offshore the average yachtie already knows how to sail and navigate their boat. The ability to sail and navigate, however, is only a very small part of the whole when it comes to having a successful and enjoyable ocean passage. Preparation and knowledge of what to expect and how to get the most out of it are the key.

...and why New Zealand? The usual first step for most Kiwi cruisers heading offshore for the first time is a passage to the Pacific Islands and John and Lyn Martin have built up a successful organisation leading rallies to the Islands and offering advance training so that sailors are well prepared.

John and Lyn, Island Cruising Association directors, have a wealth of experience in these waters with an amazing 37 passages either to of from the islands.

The Passage Maker Seminars held in Auckland, Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th Feb 2012, is an intensive two day seminar and packs in 14 different topics and 8 guest speakers, covering all aspects of preparation, planning and executing a successful ocean passage.

The following weekend, 18th Feb is the day a Live Life Raft demo will be held at the Orakei Dive Pools. If you've flown over, you may want to miss this, as very good SOLAS courses are available in Australia.

Anticipating interest from Australians, which has been growing in the past few years, packages are available for Australians with seminar venue transfers included.

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