Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Race Day 9 - Swish on record pace

Swish, Roderick Knowles' Class40 - 2014 Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Race
In the Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Race 2014, at 0800 BST on Tuesday 19th August, nine yachts were still racing. Ifan James, skipper of Stimpson 42 Palpatine, contacted the Royal Ocean Racing Club yesterday to retire from the race with all crew well. Palpatine left the Isle of Lewis in the early hours of Tuesday morning and is currently passing the Isle of Skye, east of the Outer Hebrides. A scenic sail past the stunning lochs of the West Coast of Scotland in good weather and dry clothes will be a dream compared to the rough conditions experienced over the last few days.

Roderick Knowles' Class40, Swish, rounded The Lizard just before dawn this morning. They are 150 miles from the finish and speeding along at over eight knots, well inside world record pace for a yacht of 40ft or less. Swish is expected to finish the Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Race in the early hours of Wednesday morning (20th August).

Pride of Germany
Custom JV52, Haspa Hamburg skippered by Katrin Hilbert, is just 94 miles from the finish, 30 miles offshore south west of Portland Bill. The young crew are all members of the German yacht club, Hamburgischer Verein Seefahrt. Founded in 1903, the club's tradition is to encourage young people to take part in ocean racing. The vast majority of the crew is less than 25 years old. In 2010 the club's entry in the race, Norddeutsche Vermögen Hamburg, came fifth overall under IRC, taking just under 10 days to complete the course. For the 2014 race, Haspa Hamburg is currently fourth overall under IRC and should finish the race in under nine days.

Early leader Coopers 62-Rag and Famish Hotel on the run to the bottom mark - 2015-2016 NSW 18ft Skiff Championship
Frank Quealey

Just 10 miles from the Scilly Isles with 237 miles to go, JV53 Bank von Bremen, skippered by Carol Smolawa, is crewed by members of the Segelkameradschaft das Wappen von Bremen (SKWB). Based in Bremen and founded in 1934, SKWB has about 700 members worldwide. It provides each member with the opportunity to use the club's own boats to race offshore and at national and international regattas.

Carol Smolawa sent in this message from the race course:
'After all the rough days, we have a wonderful sailing day and most important, we could dry our clothes! What a wonderful feeling to have dry boots and garments! Under gennaker we sail with 11 knots in sunny and warm conditions; who could not ask for more? Tomorrow morning we will see the Scilly Isles and then the final leg towards Cowes. We are all happy that we are competing in the Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Race. The boat and crew have no major incidences. Now we are giving it our best for the last leg to Cowes,' writes Smolawa.

he crew of Relentless on Jellyfish at the start of the Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Race - Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Race 2014
RORC/Paul Wyeth

Jellyfish goes west
J/122 Relentless on Jellyfish, skippered by James George, was positioned 30 miles off the west coast of Ireland last night, so far in the race only the Spanish Volvo Ocean 65, Team Campos, decided to go that far offshore. However, the move looks to be paying off. At St. Kilda, Relentless on Jellyfish was behind Hanse 53, Saga, skippered by Peter Hopps, and British Soldier, sailed by the Army Sailing Association. Relentless on Jellyfish seems to have benefited from more wind during the night and this morning has passed both Saga and British Soldier, moving into first position in IRC Two, just under two hours ahead of British Soldier.

Two-Handers eat up the miles
The Irish Two-Handed team, Liam Coyne and Brian Flahive racing First 36.7, Lula Belle, have had a fantastic 24 hour run, covering nearly 200 miles. Just 60 miles to go until Blackrock, the team will be welling up inside as they start to get a glimpse of the Irish coast during the day. Lula Belle is 620 miles from the finish and their current estimated time of arrival in Cowes is midday on Saturday 23rd August. Lula Belle is currently leading the Two-Handed Class on the water and after time correction.

The British Two-Handed team, Ian Hoddle and Conrad Manning racing Figaro II, Rare, have covered 160 miles in the last 24 hours and have 700 miles to the finish. After Rare's pit-stop on the Isle of Lewis last night, the Two-Handed team have made a big gain. Werner Landwehr and Heiner Eilers racing two-up on their Figaro II, Dessert D'Alcyone, are just 19 miles behind Rare. This has created a fascinating battle at the back of the pack. Dessert D'Alcyone and Rare are both 32 feet in length and vying for the prize of the first 32 foot yacht to complete the race.

Eating up the miles: Liam Coyne and Brian Flahive on the First 36.7, Lula Belle - Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Race 2014

Sent from on board Bank von Bremen to the race blog - Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Race 2014

2014 RORC Mainseries IRC OverallSevenstar Round Britain and Ireland RaceStart: Mon 11 Aug 14Provisional Results
PointsFactored PointsSail NoBoatType of BoatOwnerSailed byElapsedHandicapCorrectedFinishing PlaceCommentsPointsFactored Points
98147GER6700VarunaKer 51Jens Kellinghusen 6 - 03:10:321.3858 - 11:50:171 98147
92138GBR100Artemis - Team EndeavourIMOCA 60Artemis Ocean RacingMikey Ferguson5 - 14:00:541.5958 - 21:45:142 92138
88132RUS1Monster ProjectVolvo 70Andrew Budgen and Fred SchwynAndrew Budgen5 - 15:21:251.6489 - 07:04:063 88132
1010IRL3607Lula BelleFirst 36.7Liam Coyne2H  1.002  1 until 19 Aug - 20:25:52 ; 3 until 20 Aug - 15:37:231010
1010GBR2722RRelentless on JellyfishJ/122Chris RadfordJames George 1.081  1 until 19 Aug - 05:33:52 ; 3 until 19 Aug - 23:21:131010
1010GER6524Dessert D'AlcyoneFigaro IIWerner Landwehr2H  1.084  1 until 19 Aug - 05:02:33 ; 3 until 19 Aug - 22:46:571010
1010GBR5236RRareFigaro IIIan Hoddle2H  1.091  1 until 19 Aug - 03:50:10 ; 3 until 19 Aug - 21:27:441010
1010GBR8191RBritish SoldierJ/111Army Sailing AssociationPhil Caswell 1.096  1 until 19 Aug - 02:59:01 ; 3 until 19 Aug - 20:31:461010
1010GBR2630LSagaHanse 531Darren McLaughlinPeter Hopps 1.123  1 until 18 Aug - 22:30:43 ; 3 until 19 Aug - 15:38:101010
1010GBR907RPalpatineStimson 42Stormforce CoachingIfan James 1.133  1 until 18 Aug - 20:54:36 ; 3 until 19 Aug - 13:52:581010
1010GER5555Bank von BremenJV 53SKWBCarol Smolawa 1.283  1 until 17 Aug - 23:52:34 ; 3 until 18 Aug - 14:51:531010
1010GER6300Haspa HamburgJV 52 CustomHamburgischer Verein Seefahrt e.V.Katrin Hilbert 1.310  1 until 17 Aug - 20:36:06 ; 3 until 18 Aug - 11:16:521010
1010GBR6908RRuag White Knight 7J/109Royal Armoured Corps Yacht ClubRob Hammond 1.019  DNF-Did Not Finish1010
1010GBR9070RChange of CourseC & C 115Keith Gibbs  1.036  DNF-Did Not Finish1010
1010GBR1702TScarlet LogicOyster 48Ross Applebey/Sailing Logic  1.072  DNF-Did Not Finish1010
1010NED7576La PromesseOpen 40Jankees Lampe2H  1.209  DNF-Did Not Finish1010
1010RSA23ArwenClass40Austen Clark  1.242  DNF-Did Not Finish1010
1010GBR300XGrey PowerOpen 60Robin Knox-Johnston2H 1.518  DNF-Did Not Finish1010
2014 RORC Mainseries Volvo 65Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland RaceStart: Mon 11 Aug 14 09:10:00Provisional Results
PointsFactored PointsSail NoBoatType of BoatOwnerSailed byFinish TimeCorrectedFinishing PlacePointsFactored Points
90135UAE2AzzamVO 65Abu Dhabi Ocean RacingIan Walker15 Aug - 22:20:284 - 13:10:28190135
84126ESP1TC-6VO 65Team CamposIker Martinez16 Aug - 00:42:514 - 15:32:51284126
80120CHN1969Dongfeng V65VO 65Dongfeng Race TeamCharles Caudrelier16 Aug - 04:48:364 - 19:38:36380120
76114USA4Alvimedica 4VO 65Team AlvimedicaCharles Enright16 Aug - 05:59:474 - 20:49:47476114
73109.5SWE1929SCAVO 65Team SCASam Davies16 Aug - 06:10:394 - 21:00:39573109.5
014 RORC Mainseries Class 40Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland RaceStart: Mon 11 Aug 14 09:00:00Provisional Results

PointsFactored PointsSail NoBoatType of BoatOwnerSailed byComments
0GBR52SwishClass40Roderick Knowles NYF-Not Yet Finished
0FRA134Stella NovaClass40Burkhard Keese DNF-Did Not Finish
0GBR129Concise8Class40Ned Collier Wakefield DNF-Did Not Finish
0GBR132Cat® phoneClass40Conrad Humphreys DNF-Did Not Finish

2014 RORC Mainseries MultihullSevenstar Round Britain and Ireland RaceStart: Mon 11 Aug 14 09:10:00Provisional Results
PointsFactored PointsSail NoBoatType of BoatOwnerFinish TimeElapsedHandicapCorrectedFinishing PlacePointsFactored Points
90135OMA07Musandam-Oman SailMOD 70Sidney Gavignet14 Aug - 12:42:363 - 03:32:361.0003 - 03:32:36190135

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