Sail-World's Qingdao Olympic Sailing newsletters

Opening Ceremony of Qingdao International Regatta 2007
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The Olympic Sailing regatta in Qingdao China is just two months away.

The website will be providing more intensive coverage than ever before with a million dedicated online newsletters going to its audience world-wide.

Sail-World will have at least four journalists and photographers reporting from the Olympic Sailing regatta in Qingdao in 2008. This will mean its coverage will be amongst the most intense by any sailing media group world-wide.

Sail-World will be publishing 20 Sail-World Qingdao Olympic's newsletters, including daily newsletters during the Olympic regatta. These will be in the style of its very successful Sail-World America's Cup newsletters, which achieved tremendous, support world-wide.

Rob Kothe, the founder of the TetraMedia group, which publishes and commented today ‘We will be covering the US, UK, European, Asian-Middle East, New Zealand and Australian teams in most detail, as these are the key areas of our world wide circulation. – across our Sail-World sites. Because it takes just a single click for our regular sailing readers news to stop receiving our news, our audience is one that is seriously interested in our coverage.'
Athletes Village at the Qingdao International Regatta 2007
Around the world more than 220 Yachting Organisations run our news feeds, bringing readers to our sites.

Across August, our total visitor numbers are likely to approach 200,000 readers.

It's not rocket science.

Sailing is not well covered in mainstream media and sailors do not want to read sailing magazines in September or October to find out how their sailors were going the month or two before.

The Internet is the key sailing news source.

Historically there has been very indifferent Olympic sailing coverage. Whether this trend continues in Qingdao remains to be seen, however with four Sail-World staff on the ground and water in Qingdao, Sail-World is in a unique position to provide its readers and advertisers with the best possible coverage of this marque sailing event.

Because Sail-World is free to readers and has no printing and distribution costs, our cost per 1000 readers is a fraction of print media costs. Sail-World.Com's reach per dollar is unmatched in the Sailing media.

Companies who wish to gain international or regional exposure through the Sail-World Qingdao newsletters should email now