Sail Port Stephens 2013 - Wet and Wild

Sail Port Stephens 2013 Saturday morning rain
Sail Port Stephens Event Media
Day 2 of the Port Stephens Trophy series for Performance Racing and Cruising fleets, the Elliott 7 Australian Championships and NSW IRC Championsips.

Yesterday there was good racing across the fleets, inside Port Stephens, while it was gusty early, producing some wild action, conditions eased across the day and sailing conditions were very good.

Today the Bureau of Meteorolgy has re-issued the Gale Warning for the Hunter coast therefore racing will be held inshore.

A strong little cold front is currently moving up from Sydney into the Port Stephens area.

It's bringing some heavy rain ánd high wind strengths. There is also some significant offshore swell from the East Coast low now off the Illawarra Coast.

We are often asked by non sailors... will the days sailing be cancelled because its raining?

The answer is no, unless the rain is so heavy visibility is an issue. In that case boats approaching rounding marks at high speed could be in danger.

But if rain is not so heavy and there is visibilty of a few hundred metres, then sailing continues... the field of play is wet already, what it will do is bring out all the wet weather gear, so there there will be lots of reds, yellow offshore wet
weather jackets and pants and seaboots being worn by the sailors and inside them will be warm and dry, well mostly.

We expect to hear an update from the Race Committee on today's likely inshore courses at the 9am. briefing.

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