Sail Albany 2015

Modern and Extensive Albany Marina - Sail Albany 2015
Jenny Honeybun
Pre-announcement: Sail Albany 2015, (Fremantle to Albany Race 17 April and Albany to Fremantle Anzac Commemorative Yacht Race, 25 April) will also include a cruising-rally fleet consisting of yachts from clubs all over Western Australia and hopefully some from the eastern states.

The Fremantle to Albany Race will start on Friday 17th April 2015 with the fastest boats arriving in Albany on Sunday morning and the 'Albany to Fremantle Anzac Commemorative Yacht Race' will start immediately after the Albany Anzac Day Service on the 25th April 2015.

To be granted the use of the word Anzac in the name there had to be an activity which commemorated the Anzac Troops. After consultation with the Albany RSL it was decided to have an 'Adopt a Yacht' activity in which the local schools would be invited to participate (as they did when the Clipper 70s came to Albany) and that each yacht would be assigned an Anzac Troop ship. This will bring the excitement and perils of the ships at sea into the classroom as they follow the yachts via the satellite trackers.

The Albany-based Princess Royal Sailing Club (PRSC) Advisory Committee organising this event consists of Terry Castlehowe, Peter Cameron, Brian Smith, Paul Terry, Chris O’Keefe, Nicola Edwards and Tim Hodgson.

To date the activities have consisted of getting approval to use the word 'Anzac', applying for the 100 year Anzac logo, applying for grants from the City of Albany and Albany Port Authority and developing a budget.

Their next focus will be on seeking sponsorship and donations from the local community.

Start planning now, for what looks to be a fantastic new event.