SB3 Worlds - Second day of Qualifying

SB3 World Championships 2008 - Day 2

After the second day of qualifying races at the Laser SB3 World Championships hosted by the National Yacht Club, Dun Laoghaire, Craig Burlton with Adam Heeley and Steve White have a three point lead. Second are Mark Richards, Craig Mitchell and Chris Gould.

With three more qualifying races to be held Wednesday the leading group is still very tight with Tim Fells tied on 16 points with Geoff Carveth and then Dave Hudson of South Africa leading a group of eight boats with less than 36 points.

With six races completed and a championship in place, all eyes are focused on the top of the SB3 World Championships fleet as British teams strengthen their grip on the podium. Overnight leaders, Tim and Sue Fells, fell from grace Tuesday after counting an uncharacteristic 20th to land in third overall, with compatriot Craig Burlton leapfrogging them into the lead.

Fells said the sunny but tactically testing conditions on the bay meant there was a hair’s breadth of judgement between greatness and the gutter. 'It was switching probably 40/50 degrees without any particularly obvious pattern, so it was very easy to get on the wrong side of the track and be totally buried,' he said. 'The real challenge was just consistency today.'

The top three boats all took a race win each in the sunny conditions, and Mark Richards used his to move into the silver medal position, completing a 1-2-3 for team GBR as the event approaches the half-way stage.

As a sea breeze kicked in over the course, sailors had to negotiate wind shifting through 40 degrees and a leftover lumpy swell from yesterday, with an easing breeze offering less power with which to push through it. The fleet was evenly split in two this morning using seeding from overall scores from the night before, putting and end to claims that one fleet may have been stronger than the other.

'There was a bit of talk yesterday that the orange fleet had all the good guys and that we were getting away with a bit of an easier time in our fleet,' said Tim Fells, 'but it was just as competitive today. There’s good depth in this fleet and if you make a mistake early on you’re going to be challenged to get back to the front.'

A good starting position and getting in front early was again key, and eagerness saw plenty of boats fall foul of starting penalties, including two of the top three, who now discard an OCS and Z flag penalty apiece. Another to come a-cropper was former 1720 supremo Mike Budd, whose disqualification in race six dropped him to 12th overall.

'We crossed the [finishing] line in the last race in silence, so we were all a bit down about that. We assume we were OCS’d. If we were over the line today that was careless really, because we were in a good position, and we didn’t’ need to do it, we had good speed. Once we’ve got in the lead we haven’t been overtaken all week. We’ve won four races on the water so far this week, and when we get ahead we extend, so we’re a little disappointed.'

Of the Irish boats, Beijing Olympians Peter O’Leary and Tim Goodbody overhauled Peter Kennedy, Ireland’s silver medalist from 1988, to claim the honour of first Irish boat and move into tenth position and put them within shooting distance of the top five.

The last day of the qualification series begins tomorrow, after which the fleet is split top-and-bottom into gold and silver for two days of final racing.

SB3 Worlds - Leading results after second day of Qualifying - 6 races of 9 completed

1GBR3042 Craig BurltonOrange1(30.0 ZFP)251211nett pts
2GBR3082 Mark RichardsOrange6313-20114nett pts
3GBR3231 Tim FellsBlue2411(67.0 OCS)816nett pts
4GBR3053 Geoff CarvethOrange32-1682116nett pts
5RSA3451 David HudsonBlue164-1711224nett pts
6AUS3469 Daniel GeogheganOrange41595-2124nett pts
7GBR3106 David LenzBlue4-7747426nett pts
8GBR3027 Chris DarlingBlue-2722218428nett pts
9GBR3057 Martin BoatmanOrange125-15311132nett pts
10IRL3307 Peter O LearyBlue73-16152734nett pts
11IRL3500 Peter KennedyBlue653-2451534nett pts
12GBR3475Mike BuddBlue3114117(67.0 OCS)36nett pts
13GBR3467 Mark RushallOrange11(67.0 BFD)4881041nett pts
14GBR3517 Colin SimondsOrange14-178712344nett pts
15ITA3543Caresani RobertoBlue-28911291445nett pts
16GBR3134 Jono ShelleyOrange8-1614612646nett pts
17GBR3465 Jerry HillOrange26-38259749nett pts
18UAE3360 Hannes WaimerBlue17149.0 RDG133(67.0 OCS)56nett pts
19IRL3281 Sean CraigOrange(46.0 ZFP)37.0 ZFP364959nett pts
20POR3506Fernando BeloOrange24-2513713360nett pts
21GBR3152 Guy JacksonBlue-3510151132564nett pts
22GBR3462 Paul LovejoyBlue5861827-4164nett pts
23GBR3527Richard StenhouseOrange(67.0 DNC)14181115664nett pts
24GBR3336 Adrian PeachOrange10-2727146865nett pts
25GBR3039 Marshal KingBlue22-2522581067nett pts
26GBR3546Richard CatchpoleOrange1312921-241671nett pts
27NZL3287 Ben DuncanOrange910-3519171772nett pts
28GBR3508Nick PhillipsBlue191192018-2877nett pts
29GBR3060 Stewart ReedBlue102118425-2678nett pts
30GBR3031 Christina SummerhayesOrange7719-41281778nett pts
31IRL3501 Emma McDonaldBlue181313(67.0 OCS)72879nett pts
32GBR3509Nico HonorBlue16165-22212280nett pts
33IRL3551Ronan CollinsOrange513738(67.0 DNC)2386nett pts
34GBR3021 Charlie WhelanOrange278-2816191989nett pts
35GBR3302 Ian SullivanOrange25-32.5615143090nett pts
36IRL3257 Colin GalavanOrange191520.5-46251191nett pts
37IRL3232Stefan HydeBlue-4018351442091nett pts
38IRL3433 Gareth FlanniganBlue824123413(67.0 OCS)91nett pts
39ITA3187 Luca Bacci Blue(67.0 SCP)28299161294nett pts
40GBR3149 Mark GillettBlue2615172610-3594nett pts
41GBR3154 Jeremy EntwistleBlue2127241016(67.0 OCS)98nett pts
42IRL3490 Daragh SheridanOrange-5319373365100nett pts
43IRL3260 Adam WinkelmannOrange-47.5182629199101nett pts
44POR3256 Peter StrattonBlue32(67.0 DSQ)2326215107nett pts
45IRL3283 Gordon PattersonBlue12(67.0 OCS)31311025109nett pts
46IRL3324 Kieran DorganBlue132927-351529113nett pts
47IRL3322 Robert CahillOrange41(67.0 ZFP)10351120117nett pts
48IRL3272 Christian DonaghBlue112237-423318121nett pts
49GBR3079 Ann JacksonOrange159441245-47125nett pts
50GBR3292 Scott GrahamOrange-372634291423126nett pts