SAP 505 World Championships - Racing blown out day 2

2011 SAP 505 World Championship
SAP 505 World Championship Day 2, Hamilton Island, Queensland.

Just 15 minutes before today’s scheduled start time Principal Race Officer Kevin Wilson told 'I have just called racing off for today.

'We have south east winds averaging mid 20’s, we have seas of a couple of metres and we have building wind and building seas. We have been having rain squalls every half hour.

'With the racing needing to have started a couple of miles off Cats Eye in these conditions we just could not administer our duty of care under these conditions.

'It could be another strong wind day tomorrow. However we have scheduled first racing for 10am.'

An obviously sensible decision by this experienced race officer. With the tide due to start flooding through the Fitzalan Channel and into Catseye Bay, racing conditions could only become worse over the next few hours.

Seems like a lot of 505 sailors will be watching the F1 Grand Prix motor racing in Melbourne on television this afternoon, as we will be.