SAP 505 World Championship Day 2 Preview Crash and Burn expected

2011 SAP 505 World Championship Day One
505 WorldChampionship.

There will be plenty of crash and burn on Day 2 of the SAP 505 World Championships if weather forecasters predictions of south east winds ranging from 18 to 30 plus knots for Hamilton Island come to pass.

With a tidal low at 12:47 local time Race Officer Kevin Wilson has moved the start time of 2011 SAP 505 World Championship Race 3 forward from 2.00pm local time to 1.00pm to reduce the wind against tide effect, with the tidal flow flooding south into the Whitsunday Islands and on Catseye Bay south east.

Wilson, experienced in running major races in this area wants to start todays race in before the wind against tide conditions became too strong.

This morning there was a heavy rainstorm on the Island and right now there are a series of heavy rain squalls sweeping up from the south east. At this stage winds in the mid 20's look like they could be in for much of the afternoon.

More news as it comes to hand.

DSC 8500TEST - 2011 SAP 505 World Championship