Rules Corner- Is an Orca an Obstruction?

"Who gets to call for room on the Orca?"

Starling Match Racing at Wakatere on the weekend had a few more strategic considerations than usual.

The photo shows former World Optimist Champion, Chris Steele and former Optimist National Champion, Logan Dunning-Beck, eyeing up the option of using the basking Orca in the foreground as part of their starting strategy.

The match racing at Wakatere was in preparation for the North Harbour Starling Match Racing Trials to be held at Torbay Sailing Club Sat 29 - Sun 30 November 2008.

Will the Orca return? Are they entitled to call for room on the Orca? Who gives the room, the outside boat or the Orca? Is the Orca a continuing obstruction?

Well it depends......