Rorvik extends lead in Tauranga Cup after Day 4

Racing got underway in the Tauranga Cup at Whangarei in a 15-20 knot SW breeze, with many boats repaired from yesterday’s windy conditions and ready to race again today. The fleet headed out following the committee boats early set up and the action was ready to start on time at 11.00 am. The P Class were the first to start and after one general recall they headed off up the beat.

Andrew McKenzie (Kohimarama) lead the race at the first mark and was never headed. Gareth Moore (Waimakariri) and Oscar Rorvik (Tauranga) picked up from yesterdays battle and continued their feud from the day before. Oscar broke his vang on the second down wind but still managed to stay in touch for an enthralling finish. Andrew McKenzie subsequently retired from sailing for the day with a severe cut to his hand. After a short break for lunch, race 5 started in sunny 10-15 knots. Sam Mackay (Napier) had a clear start out of the port end, caught the first shift and lead the fleet for the whole race, clearing out to win by over a minute. Oscar and Gareth once again battled around the course, including a 15 tack tacking dual into the finish line, with Oscar taking 2nd Place. William Linkhorn (Kohimarama) finishing 4th, had a fantastic race.

In the final race, after three general recalls, the race started under a black flag. Erica Dawson (Murrays Bay) lead the fleet for most of the race, with a tight tactical battle going on between Oscar, Gareth and Sam all chasing hard. After a further rain squall, that shook up the fleet, Oscar won the race 50 seconds clear from Erica.

Results after 5 races, with one discard:

1st Oscar Rorvik (Tauranga) 2, 1,3, 2, 1 6pts

2nd Gareth Moore (Waimak/(Murrays Bay) 4,3,5,6,2 14 pts

Provisional Results as of Tauranga Cup Overall
Sailed:6, Discards:2, To count:4, Entries:53, Scoring system:Appendix A
1st16P-ClassOscar RorvikM17/01/94 Windsong167TYPBCNZL(54 OCS)21(3)21636 
2nd37P-ClassGareth MooreM20/08/92 Crystal Meth373Waimakariri Sailing ClubNZL(1)1523(14 ZFP)2611 
3rd10P-ClassErica DawsonF24/07/94 Red Fred484Murrays BayNZL(3)435(6)22314 
4th50P-ClassSam MackayM25/11/93 Amazing Grace37Napier Sailing ClubNZL(54 DNF)(11)84138116 
5th53P-ClassNaomi ManneringF05/01/94  849Napier Sailing ClubNZL(54 OCS)767(9)68926 
6th56P-ClassCharlotte CorstonF31/08/94 Innovator472Charteris Bay Yacht ClubNZL(54 DNF)(54 DNF)76518 ZFP14436 
7th33P-ClassTomer SimhonyM7/02/94  550MBSCNZL(54 DNF)911813(20 ZFP)11541 
8th5P-ClassLexie LangleyF1/02/94 Hummer535Howick Sailing ClubNZL(54 DNF)8(15)12111111142 
9th13P-ClassFelicity EllisF13/03/1994  31Kohimarama Yacht ClubNZL(54 DNF)1213(15)101211647 
10th3P-ClassWilliam LinkhornM29/03/1995 Vengeance404KohimaramaNZL(54 OCS)6(54 DNF)2041815648 
11th48P-ClassWilliam TalbotM14/12/94 Gunsmoke4Naval PointNZL(54 DNF)1341021(25 ZFP)12748 
12th19P-ClassJulia HamiltonF24/05/92 Head First979MBSCNZL(54 DNF)171017(31)513449 
13th7P-ClassPhillipa WoodF29/01/1994 Harry History898NelsonNZL(54 DNF)1514(21)121413055 
14th25P-ClassOlivia HighF12/06/93 On the Move916Timaru Yacht PowerboatNZL(2)1626(35)779356 
15th41P-ClassAndrew MckenzieM11/07/95 Whatever752KohimaramaNZL(54 DNF)321(54 DNF)54 DNS16860 
16th27P-classGen SaundersF15/11/94  942TYPBCNZL(54 DNF)(54 DNF)249141316860 
17th44P-ClassLiam Foley-LoganM9/04/95 Plucky855NelsonNZL(54 DNF)(19)1716171613966 
18th9P-ClassMichelle TaitF26/03/1995  98BBYCNZL(54 DNF)20(28)13181715068 
19th36P-ClassTaylor BurnM25/09/95 Exorcet932QCYC/MBSCNZL(54 DNF)10(29)191629 ZFP15774 
20th52P-ClassDaniel WylieM9/2/95  308WSPBCNZL(54 DNF)21121823(39 ZFP)16774 
21st31P-ClassJonathan BarthelmehM31/08/1994  389Mount PleasantNZL(54 DNF)28(54 DNF)308918375 
22nd40P-ClassBen CavndieM11/04/95 Suppertramp331TYPBCNZL(4)24(54 DNF)14152313476 
23rd2P-ClassNicholas GunnM23/11/93 Sunseeker397Tauranga YPBCNZL(54 DNF)5911(54 DNF)54 DNF18779 
24th49P-ClassKeith InglisM9/09/94 It's a Ripper19Taupo/NapierNZL(54 DNF)14192422(31)16479 
25th12P-ClassLiam CloseyM16/04/95 Freedom125Murrays BayNZL(54 DNF)182222(54 DNF)2019082 
26th43P-ClassBlair LloydM27/01/93 She's A Loose Unit981Naval PointNZL(54 DNF)23(54 DNF)26192219890 
27th20P-ClassAmber CaponF19/05/94 Bullet989MBSCNZL(54 DNF)(34)1827202818193 
28th32P-ClassSamuel LeeM29/08/1995 Ripped219MPYCNZL(54 DNF)22202925(32 ZFP)18296 
29th59P-ClassHyatt BrownF4/11/97 Pieces of Eight888MBSCNZL(54 DNF)27232524(37 ZFP)19099 
30th14P-ClassShannon CloseyF4/01/93 Pegasus966Murrays BayNZL(54 DNF)313223(54 DNF)24218110 
31st57P-ClassCharles CorstonM07/02/97 Echo74Charteris Bay Yacht ClubNZL(54 DNF)32213328(35 ZFP)203114 
32nd39P-ClassGeorge GautreyM19/01/08  318MuritaiNZL(5)30164227(54 ZFP)174115 
33rd45P-ClassCallum Foley-LoganM29/12/96 Fast Break781NelsonNZL(54 DNF)2933(34)3032212124 
34th21P-classAmanda NorrisF25/10/95 Persuasion55Naval PointNZL(54 DNF)26(54 DNF)363330233125 
35th35P-ClassEllie LaneF21/07/98 Tassie60MBSCNZL(54 DNF)(54 DNF)25403834245137 
36th42P-ClassMatthew SprayM19/06/93 Baracuda133BBYCNZL(54 DNF)25(54 DNF)54 DSQ3426247139 
37th23P-classStacey WrightF1/11/93 All Black101Whangarei Cruising ClubNZL(54 DNF)33314136(54 ZFP)249141 
38th38P-ClassGeorge BrasellM28/12/94  44Howick Sailing ClubNZL(54 DNF)35(54 DNF)324039254146 
39th30P-ClassJoseph KearneyM21/03/1995  853BBYCNZL(54 DNF)36(54 DNF)282954 ZFP255147 
40th26P-classLiam MertonM3/01/95 No Surrender922TYPBCNZL(54 DNF)37(54 DNF)382648 ZFP257149 
41st4P-ClassNicholas TurneyM14/03/96 Ecstacy529TaurangaNZL(54 DNF)(54 DNF)54 DNF313737267159 
42nd51P-ClassJulia FrancisF6/08/96 Cardinal Sin105MBSCNZL(54 DNF)(54 DNF)27434154 ZFP273165 
43rd54P-ClassOlivra MackayF1/03/96  859Napier Sailing ClubNZL(54 DNF)(54 DNF)54 DNF373245 ZFP276168 
44th46P-ClassMicah WilkinsonM6/02/96 Karizma835Hamilton YCNZL(6)(54 DNF)54 DNF443933230170 
45th22P-classBen ToppingM26/01/97 Hussar66Whangarei Cruising ClubNZL(54 DNF)(54 DNF)54 DNF453542284176 
46th34P-ClassAbby GoodwinF24/11/97 Fraid Sew141Napier Sailing Club (54 DNF)(54 DNF)54 DNF3954 DNF36291183 
47th47P-ClassZak MertonM3/07/96  860TYPBCNZL(54 DNF)(54 DNF)3054 DNC54 DNF54 DNC300192 
48th58P-ClassBen WarrenM18/09/97  688TYPBCNZL(54 DNF)(54 DNF)54 DNF4754 DNS40303195 
49th38P-ClassJackson YovichM5/09/96 Furious785OYCNZL(54 DNF)(54 DNF)54 DNF54 DNF54 RAF41311203 
50th28P-ClassFreya GriffithF18/09/1995 Fleet Wing215Macandrew Bay Boating ClubNZL(54 DNF)(54 DNF)54 DNF4654 DNF54 DNC316208 
51st29P-ClassRachel OakleyF18/07/1993 Termite227Macandrew Bay Boating ClubNZL(54 DNF)(54 DNF)54 DNF54 DNF54 DNC54 DNC324216 
51st6P-ClassBlake MallowesM02/11/1995 Rebel987BBYCNZL(54 DNF)(54 DNF)54 DNF54 DNC54 DNC54 DNC324216 
51st55P-ClassBailey MtichinsonF28/07/95 Reflection401 NZL(54 DNF)(54 DNF)54 DNF54 DNC54 DNC54 DNC324216 
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