Rolex Sydney Hobart- Perpetual Loyal Arrival, Video and Images

Perpetual Loyal passes the Iron Pot at sunset
Every so often in the sailing photography business you are lucky enough to enjoy an experience that you know you will remember for many years, and this evening was just one such occasion.

With Wild Oats XI barely berthed for an hour having taken Line Honours, it was back on the media boat to catch Perpetual Loyal’s arrival.

In a strong nor’wester we met Loyal at the Iron Pot, right on sunset and turned to give chase at full throttle as she blasted up the Derwent.

It was an extraordinary experience to be so close to such a powerful boat, at such speed – and as darkness fell.

We hope that the following stills shot by Crosbie Lorimer and the video shot by Dale Lorimer, will give some sense of what it was like to be there.

Very cool!