Right now - you are at the centre of the sailing universe

Scott Babbage Zhik Moth Australian Championships 2011
Just about all the sailing that matters is happening down under right now - if its not in Oz, its in NZ, AC45, Musto skiffs, Moths, Etchells, Dragons - the centre of the sailing universe.

At Sail-World.com we are proud of the team effort this month, we've provided easily the most detailed coverage of any sailing news source world-wide on all the key events and we have lots more feature content to come.

While magazines are pleased to run feature stories of 2000-3000 words, from the really big event, a quick calculation shows our Moth Worlds content for instance, by the time its finished, and there is a fair way to go will run to 8,000 words, a dozen video clips and 100 images.

No ones fault, they are trying hard but its impossible for the magazines to compete with that and that is why they are fading so fast.

We are 24x7 - Our European, Australian, NZ and Asian editors are on line. The UK is having an early coffee. The North American's are tucked up in bed. I am writing this, while drinking coffee at the Royal Geelong Yacht Club.

We will be up at Docklands later this week and then back down here for Audi Victoria Week providing all the detailed news.

We are headling towards 220,000 readers monthly on Sail-World.com. MarineBusiness-world.com and Powerboat-world.com That's why large numbers of boating clubs are posting news direct to our sites.

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