Red Sea Adventures-the Abbott Family DVD

Red Sea Sunset in protected waters
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For eleven years the Abbott Family sailed over 50,000 nautical miles aboard their 39ft catamaran, Exit Only. Setting off from Kansas USA, they travelled south through the Caribbean, via the Panama Canal to the Pacific. Their adventures took them through the islands of the South Pacific and South East Asia, before crossing the Indian Ocean and via the Red Sea to the Mediterranean.
Red Sea Fishermen in dhow
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However, it was the Red Sea that captured their imagination, - the remote coastal regions of Yemen, Eritrea, the Sudan and Egypt.

Now they have chronicled their passage up that most adventurous and romantic of waterways, into an 82 minute feature film.

They tell tales of rough seas, violent duststorms, as well as remote civilisations, the beauty of the coral and fish and drama of the desert.

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Added to this, the video also includes 45 minutes of special features, including:

Storm management for Cruisers
Handy Arabic Phrases
Middle Eastern Cuisine
Why catamarans are great for cruising

It would be an unusual and thoughtful present for anyone who loves sailing, but also excellent reading for the long range cruiser headed for the Red Sea.

'Our family had the adventure of a lifetime, and we want to share it with as many people as possible,' says David Abbott, skipper of Exit Only.

the DVD is priced competitively at around $20 and some postage. Find out more about the DVD and how to purchase it by clicking here