RadioLive's Martin Devlin talks with Mr America's Cup, Dennis Conner

Britain’s Peter Harrison (GBR Challenge) shakes hand with fellow competitor Dennis Conner (Stars and Stripes) Photo: Sergio Dionisio/Oceanfashion Pictures
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Last Saturday afternoon, RadioLive's Martin Devlin had the opportunity to interview the man who is still regarded as 'Mr America's Cup' Dennis Conner.

Here, courtesy of RadioLive, is the audio of that interview in which Martin Devlin asks of Dennis Conner's thoughts on New Zealand from 2003, the current proposals for the 34th America's Cup, nationality in the Cup, monohull vs multihull, how the sailors of now compare with his America's Cup era, and why he won in Fremantle and more...!Click_here to listen

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And for international readers who might not appreciate quite why this interview ended abruptly here's the movie:

Larry Ellison (BMW Oracle Racing) addresses the media as Dennis Conner (Stars & Stips) and Peter Harrison (GBR) shake hands.
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Team Dennis Conner's Stars & Stripes head for the top mark. Louis Vuitton Cup, Quarter finals. Auckland, New Zealand. Nov, 16. 2002 (Photo credit: Sergio Dionisio/Oceanfashion Pictures)
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