RS700 and RS800 Nationals - A generous donation from Hyde Sails

RS700 logo
We are ecstatic to announce that Hyde Sails have donated a mainsail to both the RS700 and the RS800 Nationals. Thank You Hyde Sails! We will be raffling the RS800 mainsail for the charity Sail4Cancer, Money made in the raffle will hopefully be doubled by Barclays Bank, Sarah Smith's employer, which is amazing. Thank you Barclays!

We will be auctioning the RS700 mainsail, again for charity, so come prepared.

Your amazing committee has also arranged Nationals tee shirts, which will also be sold to make money for Sail4Cancer. These will be in all sizes, and will be just £8 each and available at registration.

We hope to make over £1,500 for charity. I hope you will agree that this is fantastic donation and a real buzz for both classes. We look forward to seeing you all there.

A plea of a different sort ....

I am sure you realise the work that a host club puts into running a great event. It is really helpful if they have a good idea early on of the numbers to expect to make the event as good as they can. We also have pre-Nationals coaching arranged on Wednesday 7th August, the RS700s with Ian Nolan for £25/boat, the RS800s with Dave Hivey for £30/boat. This can be booked with your entry and, again, we need to know how many to expect. If you are planning to come, please enter now. You can pay nearer the event.

Entry form and lots of information at RS700 and RS800