RS500 World Championships - Gentle thunder on Day 6.

RS500 World Championship
Tuesday started with a postponement of one to five hour because of a gentle thunder going around the bay which gave us time to surprise Tobias Gustafson at his birthday with a beautiful fluorescing orange head which he was wearing during all races.

The day took off with a nice and medium breeze which was building to a strong five before moving to the right. Three races of three laps with lot of fun, swimming, and speed!

There was racing and competition for everybody and big changes in the results.

In race one a couple of teams were to eager to start and got their OCS. This was a big impact for current World Champions Tim & Heather but also the Italian team of Luca Albergo.

The first race was won by Johan Rook and Malin Broberg.

In race two there was an exciting and very busy start resulting in a general recall. The second start was much better and the fleet took off with a lot of pressure and speed.

Peter Burton/Heather Chipperfield were very fast in the upwind beat until they capsized. For the whole fleet there were testing conditions during this race especially after the top-mark. Gybing meant swimming for a bunch of the fleet which took it to a funny scene!

In race three there were bigger waves and exciting speeds. Especially the 'HongKong-guys' were taking off and flying all the way down which almost made them ‘killing’ a Swedish team.

Tim Wilkins/Heather Martin were leading yesterday, but after their OCS and not racing the third race of the day they dropped down in the overall results and not in the top 10 anymore.

Swedish couple Johan and Malin were the best team of the day with a one, five and three which shows how exciting racing it was today!

Everybody will sleep well tonight after this exciting day. But first we go for the 'Bring your own food and drinks'-party! at the harbor club!

RS500 Word Championship 5-9 Aug 2013 Preliminary results Overall Sailed: 7, Discards: 1, To count: 6, Entries: 36, Scoring system: Appendix A
1RS 500SWE12Karin S?derstr?mIngrid S?derstr?m
2RS 500SWE112Johan R??kMalin Broberg 6.0(9.0)
3RS 500GBR1015Peter BartonHeather Chipperfield
4RS 500HKG1028Campbell ManzoniLouis Bond-Smith (13.0)
5RS 500GBR659Peter CurtisJames Curtis
6RS 500NED964Michiel GeerlingHilde van Susante
7RS 500GBR625Tim WilkinsHeather Martin 2.01.0(OCS)1.0DNF3.
8RS 500ITA946Luca AbergoStefano Costini
9RS 500NED777Marleen BlomsmaJody de Jager (18.0)
10RS 500SWE821Stephan F?ssbergJonathan F?ssberg 14.0(19.0)
11RS 500SWE51Martin JohanssonAxel Johansson (15.0)
12RS 500ITA950Tommaso GommelliniRodolfo Rubino 7.012.0(19.0)
13RS 500ITA944Filippo Maria MaccariAndrea Dellepiane 8.02.0(OCS)
14RS 500NED1003Thomas RotMarloes Rot (19.0)
15RS 500SWE772Kevin OlssonLaurence Gibbons
16RS 500SWE89Tobias GustafssonMax Freiman (32.0)
17RS 500NED737Stephanie GrootscholtenChantalle Grootscholten (26.0)
18RS 500SWE11David Ax?nCasper ?sterlind
19RS 500NED935Barend KolChris Tuckett
20RS 500NED965Willemyn van SusanteBart-Jan Merkx
21RS 500GBR1035Robin McKenningHannah Burywood
22RS 500NED894Jochem SlikboerAnna Bertling
23RS 500GBR652Derek NessEllie Ness 5.07.0(DNC)25.014.0BFDBFD162.0125.0
24RS 500SWE732Titus OvikMartin Ovik
25RS 500SWE111Peter B?kmarkGunilla B?kmark
26RS 500NED837Patrick Von MorgenAnna Hoelestra (29.0)
27RS 500SWE871Ingemar BohlinTimm Rehse
28RS 500ITA999Luca CarliniMartina Gommelli
29RS 500CZE865Petra SchniedovaMartin Schmied (31.0)
30RS 500SWE31Karin StormFrederick Somerville
31RS 500SWE749Philip BeckYlva Beck (34.0)
32RS 500GBR899Fred BattisonArchie Battison
33RS 500NED719Marnix TissingOkke Tissing 35.035.0(DNC)
34RS 500SWE752Christer JodinLars-G?ran Lindstr?m
35RS 500SWE22Henrik Sill?nLukas Sill?n 27.023.0(DNC)DNCDNF29.0BFD227.0190.0
36RS 500NED961Giel BlokkerCorinne van Dalen (DNC)DNCDNCDNC