RS Feva Hill Head Open

The RS Feva Hill Head Open was the first breezy event since the summer and was a triumph for Eilidh McIntyre and Vicky Payne. Also performing superbly were Tim Norris and his new crew Mollie Knowlden who beat Hugo Jones-Warner and James Poyner on a tie break for second.

The wind had settled in at an average 22-25Kn from the southwest for the day by the time the first race started. The race team has set a fairly short inner trapezoid course with multiple loops of the inner sausage to get to the desired race time. The hot 3 sprang out of the traps together with Will Lowes and Hugo Tucker.

Eilidh got to the windward mark first followed by Will. Here the wave practice from Whitstable came in useful as Will streaked past Eilidh. Ultimately though Hugo beat them both to the leeward mark with Tim trying to close the gap on the leading 3. Will got undone though by his tiller extension parting company from the tiller in what it universally known not to be a fast move. Eilidh took advantage to ignite the afterburners and smoke off into the distance for a whopping win with Hugo second and Tim third.

The conditions were sufficiently fierce to force some boats to retire and this attrition continued all afternoon. In the second race Eilidh & Vikki motored for the horizon again with a repeat performance leaving Hugo/James & Tim/Molly to also repeat their first race results.

By now tiredness was getting to everyone. This ‘flatoutwarpfactoradrenalinepumping’ sailing seems to have an endurance side effect.

This time Tim and Molly sailed out of their skins to win with Hugo and James very frustrated about getting bad knot in the kite to record a third. The third was battling though and it was a phenomenal performance in the circumstances to rescue that result. But in a 3 race, no discard series we all know it ain't over until the fat lady sings.

Eilidh & Vicky might have thought they could hear her warming her voice up given that they had 2 wins and were in second place 30 yards from the finish BUT... At 20 yards from the finish their mast broke spectacularly whilst flying with kite up.

From the shore people were anxiously bobbing up and down to see if they could make the line. Vicky was trying to act like a human sail. The tide was still sluicing to the west. Lucky the finish was also to the west but the line was only some 30 yards long! Eventually they drifted trough the line to record the first ever finish by a Feva without a rig (We’ve done backwards and upside down before).

A great maiden victory then for the dynamic girls from HISC and ESC. Hugo and James but should be proud of the salvage job in race 3. Tim and Molly ecstatic that this heavy weather malarkey is to their taste.

Will and Hugo should be pleased for sailing one and a half races without a tiller extension in big waves and 22+ knots. Everyone else did a great job in difficult circumstances and should be looking ahead to a great season finale at Draycote next weekend.

Hill Head should also be proud of the job they did to produce excellent racing in what is always one of the friendliest clubs to visit. Many thanks.

Hill Head SC RS Feva Open - Final overall results

Sailed:3, Discards:0, To count:3, Entries:23, Scoring system:Appendix
1st3030Eilidh McIntyreVicky PayneHayling Island SC1.
2nd655Tim NorrisMollie KnowldenWarsash SC3.
3rd936Hugo Jones WarnerJames PoynerHayling Island SC2.
4th2609Paul FiskJack FiskESC/ESSC4.
5th2837Alexandra OrtonStephanie Orton
6th3001Charlier WarrenSophie AndrewsHayling Island SC6.
7th1847Suzannes PetersEmily PetersHayling Island SC8.
8th365Amber BrownJames BrownBurghfield SC7.
9th843Steph WebberMeadhbh HoggHill Head Sc10.
10th774Stuart DenyerBen HoddyDell Quay SC9.
11th2416Alice MastermanIona WilliamsHayling Island SC24.0 DNF10.
12th2509Cameron StewartOliver CutbillHayling Island SC24.0 DNF5.
13th2587Adam KayLisa KayWarsash SC11.024.0 DNF24.0 DNF59.059.0
14th1286Georgia HughesMadge PoynterArun YC12.024.0 DNF24.0 DNS60.060.0
15th34Deianie RutterIslay GrantEmsworth SC24.0 DNC24.0 DNS24.0 DNS72.072.0
15th571Lily SummersMolly PeelEmsworth SC24.0 DNF24.0 DNS24.0 DNS72.072.0
15th2890Charly CaponOlivia BucklandHill Head Sc24.0 DNF24.0 DNS24.0 DNS72.072.0
15th1226Will LowesHugo TurnerWhitstable YC / Emsworth SC24.0 DNF24.0 DNF24.0 DNS72.072.0
15th2012Pheobe WarrenTabitha PeelEmsworth SC24.0 DNS24.0 DNS24.0 DNS72.072.0
15th1660Steph HardingKatherine ColvinHollowell SC24.0 DNF24.0 DNF24.0 DNF72.072.0
15th2480Emily HineGeorgie HoustonHayling Island SC24.0 DNS24.0 DNS24.0 DNS72.072.0
15th2600Ruth AllanTessa AllanEmsworth SC24.0 DNF24.0 DNS24.0 DNS72.072.0
15th2574Jim SowdenJamie TarantHighlffe SC24.0 DNF24.0 DNS24.0 DNS72.072.0