RORC Caribbean 600 - Tack to the finish for Spirit of Adventure

Spirit of Adventure
In the RORC Caribbean 600, one tack to the finish is all it will take for Spirit of Adventure to finish it's first race. Rated under CSA (Caribbean Sailing Association), the Volvo 60 is making tracks to the finish.

Expected at the dock by noon Atlantic time, skipper Derek Hatfield is very happy with the results, 'The guys on board are really happy with the accomplishment, we took a totally amateur crew through the 600nm course that was riddled with thunderstorms and clouds that would either steal the wind or would hold gusts.'

Although Spirit of Adventure will be first in fleet across the line in the CSA only division, it will some time before we know our final standing. Nothing though can take away this accomplishment for everyone on-board the boat.

Congratulations to the crew aboard Spirit of Adventure for a course well sailed.

Spirit of Canada