RHKYC Spring Regatta, Day 2

RHKYC Spring Regatta 2011 - F15 French Ffries, Ambushed!
Race Officer Simon Boyde felt confident enough to offer a Club start this morning, in front of Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club’s Kellett Island base, and was proved right with over 12 knots of south easterly on offer for the first start for day two of Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club’s Spring Regatta. Courses were set to make the most of the east of the harbour up to Shau Kei Wan and Tai Koo Shing.

In a first for the Club’s Cadets, 16 members aged from 9 to 16 years were out on the water all weekend, crewing on boats racing from Etchells, J/80’s and Magic 25’s, up to Mills 41, Ambush, competing in the Big Boat A division.

Neither heavy grey skies, which threatened rain all day, nor a protest staged by 200+ fishing boats could dampen competitors’ spirits, and by the time the first fishing boats were seen through the murk, the first race of the day was over for all but the Etchells and the Sportsboats.

RHKYC Spring Regatta 2011 - Jun Ogawa, No Name

A fishing boat procession caused a significant hiatus of around 90 minutes, with the AP lowered at 1529hrs to signal the start of the final race in this three race series. Mindfull of the approaching dusk, Boyde set the same course for all fleets, shortened to two laps for the Big Boat A division, and one lap for all other classes.

This proved a well-considered and popular decision, and after a few quickly expedited protest hearings, the prizegiving was able to get underway just before 2000hrs, with the assembled crowd showing their (noisy) appreciation for a good weekend’s well run racing.

Class Winners at the RHKYC Spring Regatta were:

Big Boats IRC A Blondie IV Helmuth Hennig
Big Boats IRC B Vixen Peter McCaffrey
Big Boats HKPN No One Else Jack Ng
Impala Taxi Florence Kan
J/80 Tigrina Andrew Moore
Pandora Solstice K W Chair
Dragon Eaux Vives Joseph Chu
Ruffian Schannuleke Edwin van den Berge
Etchells Swedish Blue Ante Razmilovic
Sportsboat Sky’s The Limit Gideon Mowser
Flying Fifteen Kerfuffle Carlyon / Lucy

RHKYC Spring Regatta 2011 - Looking for the mark - RHKYC Cadet Squad sailors, Sharks Footloose

RHKYC Spring Regatta 2011 - Howard Williams, Squiffy

RHKYC Spring Regatta 2011 - Invictus, Jena Pabe

RHKYC Spring Regatta 2011 - Chota Scye

RHKYC Spring Regatta 2011 - Impala herd

RHKYC Spring Regatta 2011 - Ambush

RHKYC Spring Regatta 2011 - Ambush

RHKYC Spring Regatta 2011 - Authority