Qingdao green is starting to disappear

Blue-Green algae disappearing from Qingdao
Mark Fullerton
The clean up efforts in Qingdao are at last taking affect.

Mark Fullerton from Doyle Sailing Qingdao reports tonight that the beachside clean up operation is starting to take affect, as today's images indicate.

There has been a switch from manual labour, local reports have suggested 10,000 people were involved, late in the week to heavy machinery on the shore line.

Fullerton says 'We had the same green slime last year but maybe not as bad and it did disappear fairly quickly, without a clean up effort.'

'Its certainly a fairly big operation and the boom seem to be prevented any more of the algae being washed ashore. Estimates are now that there is only about 10% coverage of the course area, down from a third.'

Now all they need is wind....

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Mark Fullerton

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Mark Fullerton