Product of the Week- - Online Yacht Management

Ensure trouble-free sailing by letting the computer do the remembering
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Do you easily remember when your dinghy needs servicing, or the outboard? or even when the oil need changing in your yacht's diesel engine? What about the liferaft? the flares? and the medicines in your first aid kit? These are only a few of the items which need regular attention, and to make this and many other maintenance tasks easy has a new basic free Online Yacht Management on offer.

Planning the upkeep of sailing and motor yachts requires an ongoing commitment and an intimate understanding of the yacht to ensure it is prepared for the voyage that lies ahead. is a completely new service launching within the marine world this month, which for the first time enables owners to proactively manage their yacht online, preventing component failure and reducing the risk and cost involved with boating.

Alex Dowdalls, General Manager,, identified a gap in the market for an international web based yacht management service focused on the needs of owners and started by choosing the website’s name which originates from the Latin term ‘ONUS’ for responsibility:

‘ starts a new era for yacht management and puts the element of fun back into yacht ownership, giving owners reassurance that their boat is well managed. Recently maintenance has been far more scrutinised by yacht owners as boats become more complex requiring help from multiple suppliers whilst budgets tighten. Owners have gone back to basics and looked at doing some jobs personally as well as seeking a way to follow specific advice online from more creditable and value orientated suppliers’.

The pleasure of yacht ownership will be revived through building an online profile that includes the configuration of the yacht, the state of repair of the components on board and an integral maintenance schedule. is easy to use and caters to a wide range of languages. The development of benefits from personal experience of maintenance upkeep and offers value to owners and suppliers through:
• Assisting owners in understanding the maintenance required for their own yacht
• Enabling each owner to develop a customised maintenance plan in line with their lifestyle and intended use of the yacht
• Allowing service providers to access and manage their customers’ boat profiles online
• Working to reduce the cost of ownership and long term reduction in boat value
• Increasing the awareness of safety implications associated with neglect or poor maintenance
• Providing unlimited access to specific boat maintenance knowledge
You are invited to register as a yacht owner and create a boat profile online at You can also see examples of the service and download an example configuration.

Registration and basic use of the site is, and will remain, free of charge.