Product of the Week- Windmeter with a wind vane

The WM-200
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There may be many times when you are sailing - or even standing on the shore - when you would like to know the wind speed, but just don't have the instruments within eyesight.

That's where the first windmeter with a wind vane comes in. WeatherHawk's WindMate 200 incorporates a (USA-made) fluxgate compass for digital direction. It can calculate crosswind and head/tail wind readings.

Unlike traditional compasses, the WindMate 200 reads when held vertically and can be used for taking bearings.

Temperature and wind chill are also included to make this a comprehensive unit ideal for sailors as well as other outdoor pursuits.

All WindMates meet NIST calibration standards and wind speed accuracy tested better than +/- 3%.

There's a two-year warranty, showing confidence by the manufacturer, and they retail for around $130.00

Consult your local marine store, but if unavailable, the WindMate 200 is available in Australia from Campbell Scientific Australia, phone 07 4772 0444, or go to their!website.