Product of the Week- The Windscoop

Windscoop at work
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Most cruising boats are power-critical, and if you don't have a generator then air-conditioning is out of the question (even if you wanted one.)

That's where a Windscoop comes in.

If you don't have one and are in or heading to warm waters, think about it now.

A Windscoop can deliver cool breezes right through the boat on the hottest of nights, and is one of those simple magic pieces of gear that every boat should have.

Yes, hot, stuffy cabins can lead to long, sleepless nights, and sometimes it's just not practical to sleep in the cockpit or on deck for a range of reasons. However, keeping sleeping quarters cool and comfortable is easy with the Davis Instruments' Windscoop Ventilating Sai.

The attractive, lightweight sail is aerodynamically designed to direct even the slightest breeze below deck to where it's needed.

It's easy to set up. The self-supporting Windscoop can be hung from a halyard, boom or roller furling sheet. Because there are no tie-downs, Windscoop follows variable winds to funnel fresh air indoors, twisting cleverly to catch the breeze wherever it is coming from. This is much easier if you are on an anchor or mooring, but the Windscoop works well in most breezes even in a marina or at a dock.

The Windscoop fits any hatch or companionway up to 122cm wide and can be used with existing screens. For durability and long life, all seams are double-stitched and two battens are sewn into place. Windscoop colors vary. It stores easily in an included protective nylon bag, and retails for around $55.00.

For more information on the Windscoop If the Windscoop is not available in your local marine store, you can order online easily by!clicking_here, or scroll down below to find the distributor nearest you in Victoria, New South Wales or Queensland.

American Boat Imports
14A Thanet Street
Victoria, 3144
Ph: + 61 418388827
F: + 61 395760037

Clarkson Imports &
Dist Pty Ltd
1 Naismith Court
Rowille Victoria, 3178
Ph: + 61 397555377
F: + 61 397555388

Harrold Marine Wholesale Pty
3/19 Success Street
Acacia Ridge, QLD 4110
Ph: + 61 7 3277 6563
F: + 61 7 32776567

Whitworth's Nautical
15 Clearview Place
Brookvale NSW 2100 AUSTRALIA
Ph: + 61 2 9907 3344
F: + 61 2 9907 3187