PredictWind Olympic prognosis for Friday 15 August

Predict Wind - 60km at 1400hrs - Qingdao 15 August 2008
Jon Bilger of! has provided the following forecast for Qingdao Olympic Venue: Friday 15th August

Unfortunately only the CMC model available this morning, GFS is behind schedule.

CMC shows NE winds today, with the big question of how much the mountains will shelter the race area. The forecast maps best describe the forecast with NE winds from 10-20knots but some light patches depending on the sheltering from the mountains.

The graphics below are a progressive view of the wind direction and strength over Qingdao and Fushan Bay.

The colour coding for the wind strength is on the right of the graphic and the direction shown by arrows.

Jon Bilger was a member of the Alingh weather team in the 2003 and 2007 America's Cups. For a full explanation and more information on!PredictWind see

Predict Wind - 1km at 1300hrs - Qingdao 15 August 2008

Predict Wind - 1km at 1400hrs - Qingdao 15 August 2008

Predict Wind - 1km at 1600hrs - Qingdao 15 August 2008