Phuket King's Cup defines 'Bareboat Charter' entries

Phuket King’s Cup 2012. Bareboat Charter class.
Guy Nowell
A message from the Phuket King's Cup Race Committee. This was originally issued in August, but a reminder is in order since the deadline for requesting dispensations is 01 November.

In recent years, we have seen a number of 'Bareboat' entries with owners sailing their own yachts, 'charter boats' with non-standard equipment, and professional crew 'driving'.

To address this and hopefully develop the charter class further, we have discussed the situation with a number of regattas around the world, and will trial the system used in other 'Charter Yacht' classes, while retaining the use of spinnakers and cruising chutes, which are restricted in other events.

This year the 'Charter' fleet will be divided into two divisions:
1. Bareboat Charter Division
The Bareboat Class is open only to crews and skippers who have no previous affiliation, familiarity or financial interest in the vessel being sailed, the sails and/or the standard equipment. It is not allowed to arrange with the bareboat charter company to have equipment installed that might give any real or perceived advantage.
2. Open Charter Division
Boats that are chartered, carrying owners who have previously raced on the boat in the regatta, crew provided by the owner or employed or supplied by the charter company.

The usual charter rules will apply:
Each boat must have a valid IRC rating certificate. Each boat must be confirmed to be part of a bona fide bareboat charter fleet and their design based on standard production models with shoal keel configuration designed for charter/ cruising.

Boats will be sailed in charter trim, with standard mainsail, jib and one cruising chute/asymmetric spinnaker with or without pole. Boats with extendable bowsprits or boats which make use of any hydraulic rig adjustment are not eligible. (Short bowsprit extensions as used on Hanse or Bavaria yachts are acceptable as they are standard charter fittings and covered in the IRC Rating).

Boats must carry all the equipment normally carried on a bareboat charter, in its normal position, except for the dinghy and its motor, oars and fuel tank. Biminis and sail covers may be removed and stowed below, but must remain on board. Any boats found to be stripped or lightened shall be subject to a penalty. Boats must comply with all safety requirements including that no part of an anchor shall overhang the bow while racing.

Boats that are chartered with full sail inventories, carrying sails made from exotic materials, or used specifically for racing, or not carrying a full charter inventory are advised to enter the IRC Racing Classes.

To be eligible, a Bareboat Charter entry shall have completed a minimum of six commercial bareboat charters during 2013, carrying the entered sail configuration.

All boats shall be specifically chartered as a 'Bareboat' for the Phuket King’s Cup Regatta 2013. A copy of the 'Charter Invoice' may be required at registration.

Subject to final entries, the Race Committee may split the Charter Classes into additional sub divisions based on Hull Factor (HF), Displacement Length Ratio (DLR), Length of Hull (LH), IRC Series Date and the boat’s Time Correction Factor (TCF).

For boats of custom design, boats with racing configuration including extendable bowsprits and/or deep keel configuration, the Committee will consider written applications for inclusion of such boats in the Charter Classes. Applications giving details of the boat and the reasons for consideration should be received no later than 01 November 2013.

Phuket King's Cup 2012. Heavy traffic at the leeward mark. Bareboat Charter.
Guy Nowell