Peerke Kortekaas wins Solo Open Dutch Championship

Dutch Solo Nationals 2008

The Dutch Open Championship took place on the Westeinder, Aalsmeer over the weekend of the 19 to 21 September. Definitely not easy for the sailors and committee, but beautiful weather with light and very shifty winds. Almost all the scheduled races were completed and a fair competition resulted for the 47 starters.

The racing opened with a win for Peter van Santen (NED) and then Peerke Kortekaas (NED) took race two. Race three went to Armand de la Rie (NED) then Andy Davis got on the Brits on the scoreboard with a win in race four.

Race five went to Robbie Wilson (GBR) recovering from a DNS and an OCS in the two previous races. Davis took second and Andy Fox (GBR) was third, while leading Dutchman, Kortekaas stayed in the hunt with a fifth and then took his second win in race six.

The final race Saturday went to Geoff Henstridge (GBR) with Mike Hobin (GBR) second and Rie coming back into contention with a third place finish.

Dutch Solo Nationals 2008
After Saturday´s racing and seven races, Davis and Kortekaas were tied with 24 points followed by Rie with 28 points after one discard, the stakes were high.

Race eight went to Peter van Santen (NED) with Fox second and Jacques Metaal (NED) in third. Kortekaas had a tenth, Davis a fourth and Rie a seventh with everything up for grabs in the final race, with another discard in play.

Unfortunately both Davis and Rie ended up with an OCS in the final race on Sunday which gave Peerke Kortekaas the chance he needed and which he took with a final race win to become the Dutch National Solo Champion for 2008.

In second place overall was Andy Davis and in third place Armand de la Rie. Andy Fox took fourth, Chris Brown (GBR) fifth and Jacques Metall sixth.

Solo Dutch Nationals - Final overall results

1NED 546Peerke Kortekaas25,061(9)2519(10)1
2GBR 4857Andy Davis28,026(15)12674(ocs)
3NED 537Armand de la Rie35,0(13)51510437(ocs)
4GBR 4748Andy Fox38,0114(24)33(26)1025
5GBR 4861Chris Brown41,0836(15)73(15)59
6NED 550Jacques Metaal47,0(12)(23)48119834
7GBR 4731Geoff Henstridge54,0(25)739612116(dns)
8NED 560Peter van Santen55,012012(33)172(25)12
9GBR 4927Mike Hobin61,010(16)716(20)14293
10GBR 4735Daniel Goodman67,0212248(24)(24)228
11GBR 4907Bob Taylor72,0313(19)10951715(ocs)
12NED 565Ron Groenhart75,07910(24)(18)15111211
13NED 558Peer van Agt79,02010(22)12410(23)1112
14NED 547Johan Geenen90,0511(25)(21)1617131810
15GBR 4522Elaine Turner91,0141416(25)(21)720137
16NED 544Gilles de Combe98,0(30)26(31)191284623
17NED 512Marleen Gaillard99,0(27)1813713(21)21216
18NED 533Thedor Pauw99,09(19)17(22)151916815
19NED 553Pieter-Jelle Jongejans105,0(23)88181423(27)1717
20GBR 4606Mark Lee106,0152120(29)(23)1351418
21GBR 4870Kevan Gibb128,0429186253214(dnf)(dns)
22NED 531Klaas de Vries130,0171521(34)2618(28)1914
23NED 541Sijbrand Jongejans132,0(29)17(29)132216192322
24NED 535Eddy Boon136,016222314(30)3018(31)13
25NED 543Ton van Eck144,024(33)(26)171922262016
26NED 540Johan de Ruijter159,018251111424012(dns)(dns)
27GBR 4766Robbie Wilson167,01928(dns)(ocs)1116dnsdns
28GBR 4790Nigel Orkney177,033122720322033(dns)(dns)
29NED 511Peter Jansen185,022242826352822(37)(ocs)
30NED 5Jan Arends187,0322714(36)2835(37)2724
31NED 569Jaap Atema189,0263033(40)(41)25292620
32NED 548Dave Doorenbosch208,034(37)32373427(ocs)2519
33NED 413Joep Niermeijer221,0313535(42)(36)33302829
34NED 539Rob van Straten225,0283634(38)(43)29363428
35NED 542Bert Vastenburg226,036313832(39)3131(39)27
36NED 555Yme Bosma227,03539(40)233334(41)3825
37NED 523Pieter Kasteleijn230,0393830312438(42)30(ocs)
38NED 515Hans Naus235,0(40)4037(41)2936392430
39NED 5441Lex Rijnink240,0(dns)(dns)dns304037322921
40NED 563Hans van Eijk242,03732363537(41)(40)3332
41NED 388Anja Koldewijn264,0(dnf)343939(45)44383634
42NED 178Ton Vos265,0384141(45)(44)39354031
43NED 536H. Jongejans269,0(dnc)(dnc)dnc433842343526
44NED 545Edwin Oosterbaan287,0(dns)(dns)527ocsdnsdnsdnsdns
45NED 451Peter Otto310,0(dns)(dns)dns2827dnsdnsdnsdns
46NED 485Marten Niessink320,0(dns)(dns)dnsdnsdnsdnsdns3233
47NED 236Rob Thonus322,0(dns)(dns)dns443143dnsdnsdns
48GBR 4832David McGregor357,0(dns)(dns)dnsdnsdnsdnsdnsdnsdns
48GBR 4800Mark Chapman357,0(dns)(dns)dnsdnsdnsdnsdnsdnsdns
48NED 527Sven Oosterbaan357,0(dns)(dns)dnsdnsdnsdnsdnsdnsdns