Pärnu Sailing Week - Kiwi victorious in Estonia

Action from Parnu Sailing Week
© Pärnu Jahtklubi
Reuben Corbett (NZL) has claimed victory in the ISAF Grade 2 Pärnu Sailing Week in Estonia, defeating Marek Stanczyk (POL) in the final.

A fleet of 10 teams from seven nations fought their way to the semi-finals with the top four emerging as Reuben Corbett (NZL), Marek Stancyzk (POL), Steffan Lindberg (FIN) and Mati Sepp (EST).

Round-robin winner Stanczyk chose to compete against Sepp and claimed his place in the final. In the other semi-final, Corbett saw of Lindberg to take on Stanczyk in the final.

The winner of the petit-final was Lindberg defeating Sepp 2-1 whilst Corbett took a clean sweep in the final with three straight victories.

Final Results

1. Reuben Corbett (NZL)
2. Marek Stanczyk (POL)
3. Staffan Lindberg (FIN)
4. Mati Sepp (EST)
5. Lucas Lier (DEN)
6. Olli-Pekka Lumijärvi (FIN)
7. Janno Hool (EST)
8. Harles Liiv (EST)
9. Vladimir Lipavsky (RUS)
10. Philip Bendon (GBR)

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