Other News from the Southern Ocean

Inspired Insanity
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Not only is there Dee Caffari and the Volvo boats, the Southern Ocean seems to be getting busy this week with other traffic news - Donna Lange in 28ft Inspired Insanity has just passed the Cape of Good Hope, and Hugo Boss has been dismasted with 1800 miles to go to South America

DONNA LANGE set out on July 15th 2005 from the Virgin Islands, on a world circumnavigation on her 28ft sloop, Inspired Insanity. Her first stop is intended to be New Zealand, and she has just rounded the Cape of Good Hope. With little sponsorship and little money, Donna has puzzled and inspired her friends, and has a big following as her tiny boat now heads for New Zealand, with Donna yesterday reporting a glorious morning and 20 knots of wind.

Hugo Boss at sunrise

Monday night Hugo Boss skipper ALEX THOMPSON informed his shore crew that the boat had been dismasted while sailing on a broad reach in 25 knots of wind. The boat was at the end of the second week of a Southern Ocean crossing from Melbourne to Uruguay, en route to continue its corporate programme for sponsor Hugo Boss in the USA. Nobody was injured in the incident, and within a few short hours the boat was sailing under jury rig. The boat is now making reasonable progress and heading for South America which is 1800 miles away.

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