Olympic Sailing Qingdao - Day 3 - Racing completed

Bryony Shaw
The Boards and the 470 classes joined the Finn, Yngling and 49er on the water at Qingdao today, Monday, the third day of racing in the sailing events at the Beijing Olympics.

For Britain - good news and bad news.

The bad news is that in the 49er Stevie Morrison and Ben Rhodes crashed out of the leading group with a three race series of 14, 14, 15 to finish their second day of racing in ninth place. The Australian's had a great day to lead after winnng two of the three races, second are the Danes and third Italy.

Better news in the Finn and Yngling classes.

Ben Ainslie won race 5 of the Finn event to take the overall lead, and then finished 10th in race 6 with Zach Railey of the USA in 8th. This was enough to confirm Ainslie in the lead overall by four points, Railey is second and Guillaume Florent of France is third.

In the Yngling event the British team, Sarah Ayton, Sarah Webb and Pippa Wilson finished fourth in race 5 nad then seconfd in race 6 to be clear leaders with a three point advantage over the Dutch, Mandy Mulder, Annemieke Bes and Merel Witteveen. Third are the Australians.

In the first race of the Men's 470, Nick Roger's and Joe Glanfield finished 19th. The race was won by Tetsunaga and Taro Ueno of Japan. In the second race they improved to fifth and finished the day tenth overall. Overall leader is Nicolas Charbonnier and Olivier Bausset of France.

In the Women's 470, Christina Bassadone and Saskia Clark finished 13th and 8th to be ninth overall. The leaders are Marcelien de Koning and Lobke Berkhout of the Netherlands.

Some better news in the RS:X Women's event where Bryony Shaw finished fourth in the first race and then third in the second race to be third overall. Both races were won by Jian Yin of China.

In the Men's RS:X, Nick Dempsey finished in 11th and then had a ninth in the second race to be ninth overall. The overall leader is Shahar Zubari of Israel.

Overall Leading positions after day 3

Yngling - Leaders after 6 races with 1 discard

1. GBR - Sarah Ayton, Sarah Webb, Pippa Wilson 15 pts
2. NED - Mandy Mulder, Annemieka Bes, Merel Wirreveen 18 pts
3. AUS - Krystal Weir, Karyn Gojnich, Angela Farrel 32 pts
4. USA - Sally Berkow, Carolyn Howe, Deborah Capozzi 32 pts
5. FIN - Silja Lehtinen, Maria Klemetz, Livia Varema 33 pts
6. NOR - Siren Sundby, Lisa Fredriksen, Alexandra Koefoed 34 pts

Finn - Leaders after 6 races with 1 discard

2. GBR - Ben Ainslie 7 pts
1. USA - Zach Railey 11 pts
3. FRA - Guillaume Florent 20 pts
4. CAN - Chris Cook 28 pts
5. SWE - Daniel Birgmark 33 pts
6. SLO - Gasper Vincec 34 pts

49er - Leaders after 6 races, 1 discard

1. AUS - Nathan Outteridge and Ben Austin 13 pts
2. DEN - Jonas Warrer and Martin Ibsen 15 pts
3. ITA - Pietro Sibello and Gianfranco Sibello 20 pts
4. GER - Jan-Peter Packolt and Hannes Peckolt 28 pts
5. ESP - Iker Martinez and Xabier Fernandez 35 pts
6. FRA - Emmanuel Dyen and Yann Rocherieux 36 pts

9. GBR - Stevie Morrison and Ben Rhodes 41 pts

RS:X Women - Leaders after 2 races

1. CHN - Jian Yin 2 pts
2. AUS - Jessica Crisp 6 pts
3. GBR - Bryony Shaw 7 pts
4. ITA - Alessandra Sensini 8 pts
5. ESP - Marina Alsbau 8 pts
6. UKR - Olga Maslivets 11 pts

470 Women - Leaders after 2 races

1. NED
2. AUS
3. ESP
4. CZE
5. FRA
6. SLO

9. GBR - Christina Bassadone and Saskia Clark

470 Men - Leaders after 2 races

1. FRA
2. ESP
3. POR
4. AUS
5. SLO
6. ITA

10. GBR - Nick Rogers and Joe Glanfield

RS:X Men - Leaders after 2 races

1. ISR
2. HKG
3. CHN
4. NZL
5. GRE
6. FRA

9. GBR - Nick Dempsey