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For sailors in Australia and New Zealand there are ever expanding choices of keelboat regattas and races to sail. Now that both countries have IRC rating systems, it seems more boats are likely to cross the Tasman for new racing experiences.

Sail-World’s coverage of these events is as detailed as we can make it and as wireless technology continues to improve, you can expect to see more mid-race pictures and more detailed reports from boats, in both text and audio formats and before not too long, mid-race vision.

To allow us to provide better coverage, we need to talk to owners, skippers and crews well in advance of events.

This Offshore Race and Regatta Survey, which should take less than five minutes to complete, will help us take our Australian and New Zealand coverage to a new level. If you are not the decision-maker and you think he might not see this story, please email it to the owners/skipper etc.