Oceanis 48 at the Sydney International Boat Show

Oceanis 48
The marina is a short walk from the Gananoque Inn and Spa but the hotel has docks as well.
Oceanis 48, a strikingly slender, pure and mineral silhouette ideally proportioned with a centred mast and large mainsail arch… the desire to set off on a long cruise with an air of adventure.

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Nothing but the best simplicity and freedom stand out, served by great flow and functional modularity.

T-Bone Station - UIM XCAT World Series
© Karien Jonckheere

Broadening the horizons of your dreams

The Oceanis 48 arrives in Sydney on the eighth of July. You can view the Oceanis 48 at the Sydney International Boat Show Thursday 31st - August 4th

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More information at: Vicsail Sydney