ORCi Championships - Light conditions on day 3 + Video

ORCi Mediterranean Championship 2012
The third day of the ORCi Mediterranean Championship was a beautiful one in the gulf of Cres. Activity started with crews preparing their boats and enjoying the sunny weather - although the wind was absent and the race committee had to postpone races for several hours.

Finally, around 1.00pm a light breeze filled the gulf and the signal to hit the water was given. The wind was around seven to eight knots and pretty shifty. The majority of the fleet was packed on the starboard side of the starting line near the committee boat. This brought problems to Aquila who did not manage to get a good position near the starting line and had to tack away and pass the line many meters behind the rest of the fleet.

Quebramar seemed to have the advantage since the team from Slovakia rounded the weather mark in second place very close to Aquila. Things did not go as well for Quebramar, at the second upwind and after a bad choice, to the right side of the course, the team rounded sixth. Aquila on the other hand had an exceptional second upwind, taking advantage of all the shifts and extended their lead enough to claim second place. The winner in ORC A today was Audi from Finland that closed the gap to the top and is only three points behind Quebramar in second and four points behind Aquila, which is now on the lead.

In ORC B class, Escandalo continued its almost flawless performance and scored another bullet today. It is now in the lead with five points and Dieci x Dieci is second with 11 points. In third place is Isla Bonita 2 who will have to try hard in the coming days to hold on to that place, since Sixtynine is only one point behind.

ORCi Mediterranean Championship 2012

ORCi Mediterranean Championship 2012

The light conditions will likely continue for the next days and everything is at stake. Stay tuned to discover the Champion of the Mediterranean in ORC Class for 2012!!