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 22 Aug 2013

North West Passage woes...hope for Nina?...cruising economically

The big challenge - sailing the North West Passage  .
The North West Passage is in the news again this week as the floating ice fields are invaded by a haphazard summer fleet of small craft, the bulk of them being sailing boats. But there's bad news already for this year's fleet. Read about the ice that isn't breaking up this year, spelling great difficulties in the next couple of months for itinerant seafarers.

The families of the six Americans and one British subject missing in the Tasman Sea from the schooner Nina are not giving up, encouraged by a small sign found by an amateur viewer of satellite images – what could be a life raft on a lonely ocean. Read of the private search still ongoing.

Is this the Nina's orange life raft?  .. .

Confusion remains for yacht owners who keep their boats in the Mediterranean, as constant changes to the tax laws send yachts fleeing for the cheaper shores. It's the Italians' turn this week, rolling back their previous 'boat tax' to favour visiting yachts.

One article I would recommend for all cruising sailors who haven't just sold an internet company is Alex and Daria Blackwell's Ten Tips on how to cruise economically – and still have the best time in the world. They give what amounts to the very best reasons why you shouldn't wait for the perfect time to go full-time cruising. What you need to live and landlubber's life is so different from what you need to experience the joys of life on the water.

Much more too, so run your eye down the headlines

Sweet sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

'Second time lucky' hopes for solo circumnavigating sailor
Nancy Knudsen,
Seven years after his last foiled attempt to circumnavigate the globe single handedly on his 32ft home made boat Elsi Arrub, Scotsman Andrew Halcrow is preparing to set off to try it all over again. In late 2006 Halcrow sparked a major international rescue operation when he burst an appendix while crossing the vast Southern Indian Ocean.... [more]
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Could this image be the missing schooner Nina's life raft?
Sail-World Cruising Round-up,
Could this image above be the orange life raft of the American schooner Nina, missing in the Tasman Sea? If not, what is it? The object, photographed on August 03, has raised fresh, if faint, hopes that, like famed stories of others who survived at sea for long periods, the crew of the Nina could be still surviving somewhere on the ocean.... [more]
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North West Passage - ice levels alarming for transiting yachts
Douglas Pohl/Sail-World Cruising,
The North West Passage, once thought of as an impossible dream for sailors, has been more and more ice free over the last few years, encouraging more and more yachts to adventure. But 2013 is shaping up to be very different, possibly alarming for the boats already there. Here, Captain of the 55ft motor vessel Grey Goose and keen NW Passage correspondent Douglas Pohl tells the story:... [more]
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Classic yachts crowd into Salem for Classic Boat Festival
Sail-World Cruising,
The flash of polished bronze and gleam of varnished wood across the water will be the order of the day as elegant antique and classic yachts sail into the host city of Salem, Massachusetts for the 31st Annual Antique & Classic Boat Festival August 24-25.... [more]
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Nv Charts launches new ‘Virtual Chart Shop' web site
Mike Martel,
Sailing in the Americas? Nv Charts announces the launch of www.nvcharts.com, a new interactive web site and e-commerce site for all of the company's charting and navigation products, customer service, and all things ‘Nv'.... [more]
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Blackwells' Ten Tips for Voyaging Inexpensively
Alex and Daria Blackwell/ Sail-World Cruising,
Alex and Daria Blackwell, long-time cruising sailors and authors of the anchoring bible 'Happy Hooking', sail a 1976 Bowman 57 ketch ‘Aleria'. Here, with their Ten Tips, they make one of the strongest arguments for why you should not wait for that perfect boat or win the lottery before you go cruising:... [more]
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Second marina in India going to Mumbai
Lee Mylchreest,
Kochi, the rich port in Kerala, south India, already has one and soon Mumbai may be following suit. It looks as though Navi Mumbai will soon get the second only marina in India, along with a harbour development for yachts and a waterfront for social activity. This will be a further encouragement for long range cruising yachts to visit the capital.... [more]
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North West Passage in 33ft Dodo's Delight - gales already
Nancy Knudsen,
The North West Passage, now for the last few years comparatively ice free, was first successfully crossed in 1903-06 by Norwegian, Roald Amundsen. However the way is still a great challenge to the cruising sailor.... [more]
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Tall Ship 'Eye of the Wind' bound for the Caribbean
Ina Trumpfheller,
The British Virgin Islands, Bermuda and the Azores – only three out of many paradisiacal destinations that awaken the dream and longing for the adventures of seafaring, which the historic windjammer ‘Eye of the Wind' will touch at.... [more]
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Adventure and education come together aboard Tall Ships
Kirsten Ferguson,
Visitors throughout the Great Lakes are touring tall ships this summer as part of the Tall Ships Challenge® series of races and public maritime festivals, celebrating the bicentennial of the War of 1812. With help from local port organizers, the non-profit organization Tall Ships America has been coordinating visits from a fleet of world-class tall ships to 22 U.S. and Ontario communities.... [more]
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Mantus Anchor - out for a practical test run
Alex and Daria Blackwell/ Sail-World Cruising,
Alex and Daria Blackwell, authors of 'Happy Hooking, the Art of Anchoring' recently took the Mantus Anchor, one of the 'new generation' anchors, out for a test run, and here is their response:... [more]
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Vital life raft stowage lessons after inquiry into fatal sinking
Sail-World Cruising,
It was back in May this year that three British fishermen drowned when their fishing boat foundered and sank so quickly that they had no time to set off a mayday or even collect their life jackets - but it was what happened to the life raft that sounds a warning to all cruising sailors.... [more]
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Sailing booms in Montenegro - driven by no tax, cheap fuel
Lee Mylchreest,
Porto Montenegro, one of Europe's most up-and-coming luxury yachting hotspots, is to double its marina capacity to 490 berths by summer 2014 – giving it one of the biggest superyacht capacities in the world.... [more]
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Shackleton's sailing ship - still intact after nearly 100 years?
Lee Mylchreest,
Could Ernest Shackleton's sailing ship, the Endurance, crushed by Antarctic ice and abandoned by the crew almost a hundred years ago, be still intact and waiting to be discovered? Surely not, you say, after a hundred years it would have rotted on the ocean floor. But not so, say some modern scientists.... [more]
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Roll-back of boat tax good news for non-Italian boat owners
Lee Mylchreest,
Good news for non-Italian boat owners, who fled Italy in droves when the Italian Government (the previous one) put a tax on new boats.... [more]
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