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 08 Nov 2012

Non-stop solo sailors after records, whale strike, Oyster 100 and more

Exhibition at the National Maritime Museum  .
Like everyone else, Australian sailors are commiserating this week with the victims of devastating Hurricane Sandy on the northeast coast of the USA, but naturally will have special empathy with the hundreds of boat-owners, and live-aboard cruising sailors whose boats have been destroyed by the largest Atlantic hurricane on record.

One of the earliest casualties was the HMS Bounty, with the death of two crew, including the captain, Robin Waldridge. An investigation has begun into, among other things, why the tallship left port with the hurricane warning active.

If you're anywhere within reach of Sydney, take your kids (aged 8 to 88) to the Australian Maritime Museum for an interactive simulator experience of steering and navigating a ship. No sails, sadly, but great fun, great experience, great education.

There's a new cruising guide for South Australia published - check it out for your next cruising holiday!

Cruising grounds covered by the guide  .. .

A British rescue this week will give pause to solo sailors who think they'll only need their PLB if they go overboard; and another whale has breached on top of a boat in South Africa.

Talking of solo sailors, just when you think that all the records possible have been set, along comes another set of adventurers to attempt a non-stop solo sail around the world.

India has produced its first sailor to set out on a non-stop solo attempt, navy officer Abhilash Tomy; a Swedish sailor has announced he will attempt a non-stop circumnavigation in a 10ft boat; and 70-year-old Jeanne Socrates, already the oldest woman sailor to circumnavigate the world solo, but with stops, has started her own non-stop odyssey. We'll be watching the progress of all three...

Photo of breaching whale on sailing boat two years ago was captured by photographer  .. .

The yacht of the week is the Oyster 100, Product of the Week is the curiously named Bad Elf, and John Jamieson has some good tips on safety checks before you leave port.

All these stories and more, so browse the headlines to find your interest, and ...

Sweet Sailing!

Nancy Knudsen, Editor

Jeanne Socrates, indomitable, sails again
Nancy Knudsen,
She's off to circumnavigate the world again, this time non-stop. Fit, strong, athletic 70-year-old Jeanne Socrates, dogged by mostly mechanical problems in her earlier attempts, is again attempting to sail around the world solo and non-stop. If you ever doubted she had the stamina to do it, this hitch-filled beginning will put you straight, told in her own words:... [more]
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New cruising guide for South Australia - electronic
Sail-World Cruising,
Slowly the entire coastline is being covered by good cruising guides, something which requires a huge amount of time and dedication by each author. Now sailor/authors Jack and Jude Binder have put together a cruising guide for the excellent cruising grounds of South Australia.... [more]
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Learn the fundamentals of maritime navigation with Ships and the Sea
Jude Timms,
The Australian National Maritime Museum is giving families, especially the kids, a rare opportunity to have a first-hand experience of steering a ship with the newest interactive exhibition, Ships and the Sea.... [more]
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Product of the Week: Bad Elf - more freedom, more accuracy
Sail-World Cruising,
Product of the Week is the evocatively named Bad Elf GPS (BE-GPS-1000), an Apple-approved accessory that enables the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad to receive real time GPS data on board your sailing boat via satellite, anywhere in the world.... [more]
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Ten Boat Safety Checks Every Skipper Needs to Make
John Jamieson,
Do you have a safety check list over the chart table on your boat - or anywhere else? Have you added the three most important bilge pumps to your boat safety check list? Does your sailing crew know the location of survival equipment, fuel shutoff valve and how to test a seacock?... [more]
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Another breaching whale lands on boat off South Africa
Lee Mylchreest,
Apart from not sailing during the migration season, an underwater collision with a whale is one of those unavoidable incidents that any sailor dreads; but a whale that breaches on top of your boat is too terrible to imagine. This is the second such incident to occur in South Africa in as many years.... [more]
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So just who is Pantaenius, then? (Part II)
John Curnow,
In Part I, we got to discover that whilst Pantaenius is very old, he is not actually the fourth Musketeer or an ancient Greek philosopher. In fact, he is probably an it, or really a they when you come to think of it, and they are Europe's largest marine insurer.... [more]
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Liquid Vortex case: Two acquitted of all charges
Sail-World Cruising,
In a case that could have world-wide ramifications, two professional sail-trainers have been finally acquitted of all charges in relation to an incident that occurred off the south coast of Britain during stormy weather last January.... [more]
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Atlantic Rally for Cruisers - 27th edition gets underway this month
Rachel Hibberd,
The 27th Atlantic Rally for Cruisers is scheduled to set sail on 25th November from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, heading 2700nm across the Atlantic to Saint Lucia. More than 230 boats and 1300 people, including 40 children aged under 16, will take part in the event.... [more]
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PLB Where? Permanently attached to your person of course
An Ancient Mariner,
If you are, or have a yen to be, a solo sailor, the place for your PLB is around your waist, on your life jacket or somehow else attached to your person. 'I don't intend to get washed overboard, I concentrate all my efforts on staying onboard,' you might say. Good reply, but here's an incident this week that could change your mind, and this could have happened to anyone, any time, any place. .... [more]
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Receding ice made Northwest Passage record possible
CTV News/Sail-World Cruising,
It is the climate-change-driven receding ice which made possible a new record for the most northerly crossing of the Northwest Passage this year by a sailing boat. So has been claimed by the Canadian leader of the expedition on his return home after their much publicised accomplishment, achieved in a 1976, 31ft Hallberg Rassy fibreglass boat, called Belzebub II.... [more]
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Swedish sailor to circumnavigate the world non-stop in a 10ft boat
Nancy Knudsen,
Swedish sailor Sven Yrvind, boat builder, inventor and writer, is planning to sail around the world solo and non-stop in a 10ft sailing boat he is building in his workshop. He is already famous in Sweden for sailing alone across oceans in tiny boats of his own design.... [more]
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Yacht of the Week: the Oyster 100
Lee Mylchreest,
Famed quality yacht producer Oyster shows how serious it is about its entry into the superyacht sector with its launch of a second Oyster 100, manufactured in Istanbul, Turkey and featured here. In collaboration with Dubois Naval Architects and RMK Marine, it has launched Penelope. Penelope will be available for sale in Palma from December 2012, after the first owner 'had to go back to work'... [more]
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Search for HMS Bounty's Captain called off - investigation begun
Nancy Knudsen,
The search for Captain Robin Walbridge, captain of HMS Bounty which was caught in the edge of the fierce Hurricane Sandy this week, has been called off and a formal investigation begun. HMS Bounty and its crew abandoned the tall ship early Monday about 90 miles off the coast of North Carolina's Outer Banks near Cape Hatteras. The vessel lost power and started taking on water.... [more]
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Accused British sail trainers off the hook for four of seven charges
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
A British sailing school owner and a skipper employed by the firm have been acquitted of four of seven charges relating to the rescue of training yacht Liquid Vortex in January this year. Three charges, however remain for the two, which relate to checking weather forecasts, planning of the voyage and failing to identify and assess risks to the vessel and crew.... [more]
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Tomy sets off for India's first non-stop solo circumnavigation
Nancy Knudsen,
While it is true that leisure sailing has been around for a couple of hundred years in the western world, they are fast catching on in countries such as India. In India their Navy is 'leading the fleet', as the first-ever non-stop solo circumnavigation - by a naval officer - was flagged off from Mumbai on Thursday morning.... [more]
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U.S. Sailing: 'Poor seamanship' cause of recent fatal yacht incidents
Sail-World Cruising round-up,
Poor seamanship has been blamed for the demise of two yachts involved in recent fatal incidents off the west coastline of North America, and provides a sobering reminder for all sailors, racing or cruising.... [more]
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Dual Olympic Gold Medallist, Malcolm Page, guest speaker at MHYC
Pip Lodder,
Dual Olympic Gold Medallist, current joint winner of Male Sailor of the Year & MHYC Member, Malcolm Page, will be the guest speaker at Middle Harbour Yacht Club on Wednesday 14th November at 7.30pm.... [more]
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Product of the Week: Hook and Moor
Sail-World Cruising,
What a great present for birthdays, Christmas or other celebrations for the cruising sailor to make his or her life easier when mooring.... [more]
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Last minute reminder: Cruising to Hobart with the CYCA
John Keelty/ Sail-World Cruising,
Another great seminar evening in Sydney to build your cruising skills. 'A Pilot Guide to Cruising to Hobart' is the subject for the information evening at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia (CYCA)next Tuesday on 6th November for all boat owners and crew who cruise the east coast and Tasmania, including those planning to join the Hobart 2013 Rendezvous cruise in January and February.... [more]
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