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Sail-World USA: 10 November 2009

Anna Tunnicliffe and Torben Grael, 2009 Rolex ISAF Sailors of the Year  © Rolex/Daniel Forster
Welcome Sail-World.Com's US newsletter for 10 November 2009

First up congratulations to Anna Tunnicliffe on being awarded the female ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year, in Busan, Korea at the International Sailing Federation's annual conference. The ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Award, is the most prestigious recognition in the sport of sailing, and Tunnicliffe was chosen based on her outstanding achievement in a variety of boats and multiple disciplines during the qualifying period of September 1, 2008 to August 31, 2009.

Tunnicliffe's achievements speak for themselves and can hardly be summarized in a couple of paragraphs, but as US Sailing noted: 'Since winning an Olympic Gold Medal in the Laser Radial in 2008, Tunnicliffe has proven her talent and versatility by excelling in the singlehanded dinghy and skippering several different boats in the match racing circuit. She dominated the Radial fleet in the ISAF Sailing World Cup series by winning gold medals at Sail Melbourne, US Sailing's Rolex Miami OCR and Semaine Olympique Francaise and a bronze medal at Kieler Woche. She has led the ISAF World Rankings in the Laser Radial consistently since April 9, 2008, and she won the first-ever ISAF Sailing World Cup trophy. She also won the Laser Radial North American Championship and finished third at the Laser Radial World Championship last summer.

'As the skipper of women's match racing teams, Tunnicliffe also had a string of successes this year: She won gold medals at both the US Women's Match Racing Championship and the North American and Caribbean Nations Cup Regional Finals, qualifying her to compete at the ISAF Nations Cup Final, where she won bronze. At Sail for Gold, the final ISAF Sailing World Cup event of the 2008-2009 series, she also won a bronze medal in the new Elliott 6m, the equipment chosen for the 2012 Olympic Sailing Regatta.'

Anna Tunnicliffe, Molly Vandermoer and Alice Manard (USA) racing in the Womens Match Racing Class in the 2009 Skandia Sail for Gold Regatta
  onEdition ©

Our congratulations to Anna for this tremendous accolade, and her achievements - and also to the male ISAF Rolex Sailor of the Year, Torben Grael (Brazil).

The Sailing World is still trying to come to grips with developments in the America's Cup Circus overnight.

We have the details as we know them currently, but are also aware of other information which is not yet being released.

In between times we have been glued to the live camera run by Fox 5 in San Diego, which is bringing the world live coverage of BOR90/USA sailing up and down San Diego Bay with her new hardwingsail. You can catch the action for yourself by clicking here the show is over for today but will be on again tomorrow, no doubt.

Progress initially was tentative, rather than speedy. But the sight of this yacht is spectacular - with a wing mast almost twice her overall length. Speed initially looked to be about 8kts knots in about 4kts of soft air. The maneuverability of BOR90 is impressive - she literally spins on a dime.

Later shots showed her at pace, with the mail hull startling to lift clear in about 5-6 kts of wind and with the trailing spectator fleet running at around 15 kts, struggling to keep up as she headed for the open sea, but then stopped short of Point Loma.

BMW ORACLE Racing shows off their wing mast earlier this morning in San Diego  BMW Oracle Racing © Photo Gilles Martin-Raget

Hours before the giant wing was rolled out of the construction tent in San Diego, and we have photos of that occasion, along with its erection, in this edition.

Earlier in the week, BMW Oracle Racing released the first pictures of the wing, which are featured in good light (as opposed to the dawn of today's shots). Following that announcement we asked one of the gurus of wingsail technology, Steve Clark, who led the Cogito C-Class catamaran projects, and whose family has a great pedigree in this field, for his comments on the wingsail, based on photos that were available at the time. We have featured these in this edition along with his expectations of how he expects the sail to perform.

Meanwhile Societe Nautique de Geneve made a surprising announcement, this morning, of the 'confirmation' of Valencia as venue of the 33rd Match in February 2010, as per the Court order of Justice Cahn. However further down the same release the Swiss club also commented that the offer of an Australian venue was still 'on the table', if Golden Gate Yacht Club dropped all Court action by 13 November. Two Australian venues are under consideration, Townsville and Airlie Beach.

The Swiss offer is curious in that given that Justice Shirley Kornreich is expected to rule tomorrow on Measurement, Rules and Venue issues, that would tend to clean off all of the Challenger's legal action, save for the just lodged Breach of Fiduciary Duty action. That BFD action excepted, the only action still on the table will be SNG's own appeal, to the Appellate Division of the New York Supreme Court, over the venue. What happens if GGYC do take up the Australian venue offer - does Valencia get 'unconfirmed'?

BMW ORACLE Racing's BOR90 test sailing on San Diego bay  BMW Oracle Racing © Photo Gilles Martin-Raget

The Swiss offer is curious in that given that Justice Shirley Kornreich is expected to rule tomorrow on Measurement, Rules and Venue issues, that would tend to clean off all of the Challenger's legal action, save for the just lodged Breach of Fiduciary Duty action. That BFD action excepted the only action still on the table will be SNG's own appeal to the Appellate Division of the New York Supreme Court over the venue. What happens if GGYC do take up the Australian venue offer - does Valencia get 'unconfirmed'?

SNG also issued the Notice of Race for the Valencia venue. Nothing too surprising in this document, except for the clause saying that racing was not 'anticipated' in winds exceeding 15 knots or waves exceeding one metre. Given that the courses may need to start more than 20 miles offshore, this is an interesting requirement, which may be hard to measure and meet. More on this later.

Sail-World will post a further story on the state of the venue, once we have been able to communicate directly and off the record with the parties.

Visitors to the race village at the Louis Vuitton Trophy Nice Côte d'Azur watch Virtual Eye's broadcast of the racing.  Bob Greiser/Outside Images

Meanwhile the Louis Vuitton Trophy is now in its fourth day of light winds, and racing continued overnight with Emirates Team New Zealand holding its place at the top of the points table. Wind conditions at Nice were just 8kts with temperaures at just 8degrees C. Artemis (Sweden) with Paul Cayard and Terry Hutchison (both USA) in the afterguard are lying in third overall, with BMW Oracle Racing in fifth place on the points table, and have not enjoyed good results in the light and fickle airs of Nice.

In this edition we have featured a story on the progress and developments made in the broadcasting of sailing - extendeing the benchmark set in the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series earlier this year. In Nice, a quantum leap has been made in the live broadcasting of the event.

Emirates Team New Zealand, Round Robin one, Louis Vuitton Trophy, Nice.  Chris Cameron/ETNZ

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Many thanks for your help and input, we're here to help sailing, and help those who wish to help themselves.

Good sailing!

Richard Gladwell
US Editor


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ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Award to Anna Tunnicliffe
Marni Lane,
ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Award is the most prestigious recognition in the sport of sailing. Anna Tunnicliffe has been chosen as the recipient, along with Torben Grael. At the 2009 ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Awards dinner today in Busan, Korea, the venue of the ISAF Annual Conference, the HRH Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and Rolex's Lionel Church presented the male and femal... [more]
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Images from San Diego: BMW Oracle Racing flies with wingsail
Giles Martin-Raget,
Images just in from Giles Martin-raget of BMW Oracle racing's first sail using the wingsail on the America's Cup Challenger, BOR90. The rig was rolled out of the shed, hoisted while on a mooring, and then test sailed in San Diego bay for several hours this afternoon.... [more]
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America's Cup challenger's sails with wingsail - Live coverage
Fox 5 San Diego,
BMW Oracle's America's Cup Challenger has been sailing on San Diego Bay. You can watch all the action via the Fox 5 live webcam of this spectacular event... [more]
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Grael and Tunnicliffe named 2009 ISAF Rolex World Sailors of the Year
ISAF Media,
ISAF and Rolex are proud to announce that the male and female winners of the ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year Awards 2009 are Torben Grael (BRA) and Anna Tunnicliffe (USA). Torben Grael (BRA) received his award tonight, and in his winning speech said, 'It's an honour to be here. It's not the first time I've attended this award ceremony, but it's truly a different feeling to stand here,'... [more]
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Jules Verne Trophy - Groupama 3 holding in the Doldrums
Cammas-Groupama 3 media,
Jules Verne Trophy - Groupama 3 finally hit the zone around 0400 hours this Tuesday. At the time there was still a little crescent of a moon to light up a seascape in the throes of a major reshuffle. 'There's not too much cloud in the sky: we weren't able to take a shower, but the crew is on deck in boxers! There's an intense tropical heat here... We've changed season.'... [more]
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Clipper 09-10 Round the World Yacht Race - Two into Stealth mode
Clipper Ventures,
Clipper 09-10 Round the World Yacht Race - Team spirit remains high as California attempts to repair steering gear, while mid-fleet a battle rages between Jamaica Lightning Bolt, Spirit of Australia and Qingdao. The last 24-hours on Spirit of Australia have also been spent with a focus on repairs.... [more]
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America's Cup challenger's giant wingsail raised for the first time
Sail-World sources,
The giant wing sail on the Golden Gate Yacht Club's team BMW Oracle Racing's America's Cup Challenger, BOR90/USA was raised for the first time off San Diego today. Currently the crew are doing final fitting out and pre-flight checks before going in the first test sail.... [more]
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Golden Gate YC pleased over America's Cup venue confirmation
Golden Gate Yacht Club have responded with a terse, short statement in response to the announcement that valencia will now be the venue for the 33rd America's Cup, to be sailed on the dates originally prescribed by Justice Herman Cahn.... [more]
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America's Cup Challenger rolls out wingsail in San Diego
Gilles Martin-Raget,
BMW Oracle Racing have rolled out the wingsail for their America's Cup multihull, BOR90/USA, prior to it fitting onto the platform for the first time later today. Gilles Martin-Raget presents this gallery of images from the occasion... [more]
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Louis Vuitton Trophy Nice Cote d'Azur - Close matches highlight Day 4
Louis Vuitton Media,
Seasonal conditions returned today to the Bay of Angels off Nice and allowed race organisers for the Louis Vuitton Trophy Nice Côte d'Azur to reel off four flights of races, eight matches overall. Seven of the eight matches have an average delta of 31 seconds. The flurry of races has helped give shape to the event scoreboard. Emirates Team New Zealand won its lone match of the day and remains the... [more]
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Alinghi confirms 33rd America's Cup for Valencia in February 2010
Daphne Morgan Barnicoat,
In a letter written today to New York Supreme Court Justice Kornreich following the unsuccessful discussions with the Golden Gate Yacht Club (GGYC), the America's Cup Defender, Société Nautique de Genève (SNG), has confirmed that it will conduct a Deed of Gift Match with GGYC in February 2010 in Valencia... [more]
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The Best of YouTube: More America's Cup and aboard Groupama 3
Richard Gladwell,
Sail-World is pleased to present a selection of video taken from YouTube. We have two with an Alinghi theme, a couple from Groupama 3 and the BMW Oracle wing mast unveiling... [more]
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Virtual Eye raises sports broadcasting bar to new heights
Louis Vuitton Media and Sail-World,
The fledgling Louis Vuitton Trophy, sailed at Nice Cote d'Azur has been notable for the huge advance made in the live coverage of sailing, and sports broadcasting generally. Combining a mix of graphics, video and audio feeds the product from New Zealand's ground breaking Animation Research Limited, the live feed is both cost effective, very informative and entertaining.... [more]
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Peg Legs Round Tortola Race BVI 40th birthday on Nov 21, 2009
Broadsword Communications,
The Peg Legs Round Tortola Race, British Virgin Islands, will take place on Saturday, November 21st. This 36-mile event is in its 40th consecutive year of running and more than ever before bragging rights are on the table. This will be the second year in a row that the fleet will undertake a complete circumnavigation of Tortola, starting and finishing off Nanny Cay.... [more]
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Optimists for Sudan
Sudan is the latest recipient of a fleet of Optimists sponsored by IODA under its '6 for 5' development programme. The Dominica Yacht Club successfully launched its Junior Optimist Sailing Program in August.... [more]
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2010 Audi Melges 20 Sailing Series
Melges 20 media,
2010 Audi Melges 20 Sailing Series - Save The Dates. Mark your calendars and save the dates for five incredible events.... [more]
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NZ led building team hand over America's Cup wingsail + video
Peter Rusch, BMW Oracle Racing,
Two New Zealanders led the building team for the wingsail developed for BMW Oracle Racing's America's Cup Challenger, BOR90/USA. Tim Smyth (NZL) and Mark Turner (NZL), the managers at Core Builders who completed the wing project, handed over the 'keys' to their baby in front of an assembly of the full team on site in San Diego.... [more]
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Transat Jacques Vabre - Foncia leads the way
Transat Jacques Vabre,
Transat Jacques Vabre - Foncia was leading the pack out of a ridge of high pressure early this afternoon, in close company with Groupe Bel – which has remained resolutely south since the start yesterday – Akena Vérandas, which on board has Arnaud Boissières partnered by past Vendée Globe winner Vincent Riou, and record breaking British double-circumnavigator Dee Caffari with Brian Thompson well pl... [more]
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Louis Vuitton Trophy - Paul Cayard images of Artemis from up the mast
Paul Cayard,
Louis Vuitton Trophy - We got in our boat, Mascalzone 90, and began to train before our start. But as the race committee prepared for the starting sequence the wind died completely and never returned. I was up the mast in my new position and took a couple of photos to try to give you an idea of the perspective from 100 feet up. It is like being in a helicopter.... [more]
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Steve Clark gives an expert view on BOR90's America's Cup wingmast
Richard Gladwell,
Steve Clark is widely acknowledged as one of the most astute and most experienced inshore multihull technologists and sailors on the planet. His is a family pedigree stems back to the early days of the Little America's Cup. With the release of the first images of the wing mast for BOR90, Sail-World asked Steve Clark for his analysis of the largest wing mast ever built.... [more]
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Azzurra joins unbeaten at Louis Vuitton Trophy Nice Côte d'Azur
Louis Vuitton Trophy Media,
Italy's Azzurra of the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda won today its first match of the Louis Vuitton Trophy Nice Côte d'Azur while Emirates Team New Zealand survived a hair-raising finish to keep its record perfect. Azzurra scored the victory it was denied on Saturday when it defeated BMW ORACLE Racing of the U.S. Two days ago the Italian crew, led by skipper Francesco Bruni, was 200 metres from th... [more]
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2009 U.S. Women's Match Racing Championship
Jake Fish,
2009 U.S. Women's Match Racing Championship (USWMRC) on Nov. 12-15. This year's championship, hosted by the St. Thomas Yacht Club and sailed in International 24s, features the return of several top performers from previous USWMRC events.... [more]
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Jules Verne Trophy - Groupama 3 off Cape Verde + video
Cammas-Groupama 3,
Groupama 3 crossed the starting line three days ago and since then has managed to clock up 708 miles in 24 hours. Weather conditions are still favourable for Groupama 3, which is already at the latitude of the Cape Verde archipelago this Monday morning. By gaining nearly ten miles an hour on the reference time since midnight, the lead has stretched to over 360 miles...... [more]
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La Solidaire du Chocolat fleet into the Caribbean
La Solidaire du Chocolat,
La Solidaire du Chocolat - At 2230 GMT on Saturday night, Tim Wright and Nicko Brennan leading the second wave of Class40s on Sail4Cancer in fifth place crossed the gate, followed by the Chilean duo of Felipe Cubillos and Daniel Bravo Silva on Desafio Cabo de Hornos.... [more]
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ICSA/LaserPerformance Men's and Women's Singlehanded Nationals
Great racing for the ICSA /LaserPerformance Men's and Women's Singlehanded National Championships.... [more]
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Images from Nice: Louis Vuitton Trophy Days 1 and 2
Outside Images and Chris Cameron,
Paul Todd, Bob Greiser and Chris Cameron present a selection of images from the first of the Louis Vuitton Trophy regattas at Nice, France, covering the first two days racing.... [more]
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Transpacific Yacht Club elects new Commodore
Transpacific Yacht Club,
Transpacific Yacht Club has elected a new Commodore. Bill Lee was unanimously elected last Friday night. Bill Lee sailed his first Transpac in 1971, on a Cal 37, fulfilling a dream that began when he was a teenager following the race by radio.... [more]
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NewsFlash: First pictures of wingmast for America's Cup Challenger
BMW Oracle racing and Gilles Martin-Raget,
BMW Oracle Racing have just released the first pictures of the wingmast to be fitted to their America's Cup challenger in San Diego. A wing of this scale has never been built for a race boat. In terms of size, the wing on BOR 90 dwarfs those on modern aircraft. Towering nearly 190 ft (57 m) above the deck, it is 80 percent bigger than a wing on a 747 airplane (102 ft / 31 m).... [more]
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Louis Vuitton Trophy - Artemis report on Day 2
Paul Cayard,
Louis Vuitton Trophy - Race Day 2. Paul Cayard, Artemis, reports from Nice. Light winds were on the cards today and again we only got two flights in. In the first one, Emirates Team New Zealand had a handy lead around the leeward gate before All4One's mainsail broke and that was the end of that - Paul Cayard... [more]
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