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Sail-World USA: 6 November 2009

31/10/2009 - San Diego (USA, CA) - 33rd America's Cup - BMW ORACLE Racing - BOR 90 october 2009 trials***31/10/2009 - San Diego (USA, CA) - 33rd America's Cup - BMW ORACLE Racing - BOR 90 october 2009 trials  BMW Oracle Racing © Photo Gilles Martin-Raget
Welcome Sail-World.Com's US newsletter for 6 November 2009

America's Cup news again dominates world sailing, with the aftermath of the dismasting of BMW Oracle Racing's BOR90/USA in San Diego, we have some video of the damage in this issue, plus a follow up story on 'where to from here' for the US Challenger.

Meanwhile America's Cup Legal continues apace, with Court Hearings set down for today (Friday) in New York, and with the Expert Jurist panel expected to meet outside the Courtroom and deliberate. Again we background this story in this edition of Sail-World's newsletter. The developments will be updated as they happen on www.sail-World.com

BOR90's mast damage can be seen in the video in this edition  

New moves overnight from the Swiss defender, Societe Nautique de Geneve with the offer of a third venue, off the east coast of Australia. The move is tagged, but must generally be seen as a positive one, and may well be way through the two year mire. We look at this option in more detail in this edition and will update with the reaction from Golden Gate Yacht Club when it comes to hand.

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Good sailing!

Richard Gladwell
US Editor


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Alinghi offers Australian venue to unlock 33rd America's Cup - UPDATED
Richard Gladwell,
Societe Nautique de Geneve have handed a thorned olive branch to the Challenger for the 33rd America's Cup, Golden Gate Yacht Club. The Swiss Defender of what was the premier trophy in sailing has offered to stage the event 'on the east coast of Australia' in return for the cessation of all legal action. However inquiries with Australian contacts revealed nothing about the specifics of any venue... [more]
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La Solidaire du Chocolat - Keel problems force another retirement
Solidaire du Chocolat,
La Solidaire du Chocolat - Tanguy de Lamotte and Adrien Hardy on Initiatives-Novedia in first place crossed the St. Barts gate. Yesterday, the fleet was stunned by the retirement of Jouni Romppanen and Sam Öhman on Tieto who were holding seventh place in the second wave of Class40s. With profound problems to the keel mounting, the Finnish duo quickly decided to drop all sail and motor to St. Barts... [more]
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BMW Oracle racing gears up for Louis Vuitton Trophy in Nice
Jane Eagleson,
Louis Vuitton Trophy - BMW Oracle Racing will be represented in Nice by an all star line-up, led by team skipper and CEO, Russell Coutts (NZL), who is hoping to sail with the team in the early stages of the regatta.... [more]
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Clipper 09-10: Rio De Janeiro - Cape Town Day10, High speeds end
Clipper Ventures Media,
'It's some of the most exciting sailing I have done, these last 24 hours,' says Brendan Hall, skipper of Spirit of Australia. 'The heavyweight spinnaker is flying strong from the masthead and we are achieving some amazing speeds, helped by the gathering swell. We surfed down a wave and did 17.5 knots last night, to whoops of exhilaration from all the crew on deck. Long may it continue.'... [more]
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Bitter End Yacht Club Pro Am Regatta over for me and now to Nice
Paul Cayard,
We had three races this morning to finish off the round robin part of the Pro Am. Ken Read and I were tied this morning on 5 wins each. We got to 6 wins each and it boiled down to the last race. He and his crew did a better job and won the round robin 7 to 6 over us. Anna Tunnicliffe had a good morning winning a couple of points and so she finished up third.... [more]
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Floating Doctors - US Sailing's interview with Dr. Benjamin La Brot
Jake Fish,
La Brot is head of a nonprofit group called the Floating Doctors will set sail this week for a year-long medical mission aboard a 76-foot sailboat that carries 15 crew members and 20,000 pounds of medical supplies.... [more]
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2.4 mR World Championship - Ruf clinches title
Marni Lane,
2008 Paralympic Bronze Medalist John Ruf (Pewaukee, Wis.) clinched the 2.4 mR World Championship a day early today, with one race to spare.... [more]
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Jules Verne Trophy - Groupama 3 off on their latest record attempt
Franck Cammas - Groupama 3,
Jules Verne Trophy. A granulated sky, gusts, intermittent showers, setting sun, big Atlantic swell, squalls, breaking waves: here we have the setting for this latest departure to gain a new reference time in the Jules Verne Trophy, the round the world record held by Bruno Peyron and his crew since 2005 (50d 16h 20m).... [more]
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Images of San Diego: BOR90 heads into the sunset + onboard Video
Gilles Martin-Raget,
Top international photographer, Gilles Martin-Raget provided this gallery of images from BOR90's recent test sail off San Diego.... [more]
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The Best of YouTube: America's Cup Perspectives
Richard Gladwell,
Sail-World is pleased to present a selection of video taken from YouTube. We have two with an Alinghi theme, including one clip from the very talented George Johns. We hope to make this a regular feature in Sail-World... [more]
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ISAF Annual Conference begins in Busan
Every November, the Annual Conference of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) brings together the Committees and Sub-committees of ISAF to discuss, debate and ultimately decide upon the key issues of the day. Between them, the ISAF Committee cover the broad spectrum of the sport, from Olympic sailing, to youth events and training, offshore sailing, race officials and more.... [more]
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Corona del Mar to Cabo San Lucas Race 2010 dates announced
Rich Roberts,
Corona del Mar to Cabo San Lucas Race - Balboa Yacht Club today announced new dates for its 2010 race. The new dates were selected to allow participants to do as much racing in Mexico as possible by avoiding a conflict with the MEXORC regatta and also allowing the boats enough time to return north for the start of the Newport to Ensenada Race on April 23.... [more]
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Bitter End YC ProAm Regatta - Anna Tunnicliffe reports
Anna Tunnicliffe,
Bitter End YC ProAm Regatta - Anna Tunnicliffe reports from the event. Anna is sailing as one of the invited pros participating. The event started on November 1 when the guests participated in a half-day regatta which was a qualifier for the finals held later this week.... [more]
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Lost Cup rig 'only missed two or three days of sailing in its life'
Richard Gladwell,
BMW Oracle racing blogmeister, Peter Rusch, reports on the morning after the America's Cup Challenger dropped her mast off San Diego, yesterday, while sea trialling the 110ft trimaran, which had just been the subject of a five week modification program. He spoke with BMW Oracle racing designer Ian 'Fresh' Burns (AUS)... [more]
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Terse reaction to latest America's Cup Appeal decision
Richard Gladwell,
A tersely worded response has quickly followed the latest decision from the New York Supreme Court in response to a motion from the Defender, Societe Nautique de Geneve - unhappy with the Decision from the Supreme Court, last Friday, declaring that the chosen venue of Ras al-Khaimah was not in compliance with the Deed of Gift, or a subsequent order of the Supreme Court... [more]
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2.4mR World Championships update
2.4mR World Championships 2009 racing is underway at the Edison Sailing Center, Fort Myers, Florida.... [more]
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Jules Verne Trophy - Groupama switches to Code Green
Vincent Borde,
Jules Verne Trophy - Groupama is announcing the switch to code green for the attempt. On stand-by in Brest since 1st November, will set off on Thursday 5th November on her bid to conquer the Jules Verne Trophy, a round the world record attempt under sail.... [more]
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US Sailing Team AlphaGraphics has new bronze level partner
Marni Lane,
Group Experiential Learning (GEL) has joined forces with the US Sailing Team AlphaGraphics (USSTAG) as a new bronze-level partner, US Sailing announced. The relationship marks the first official team-building partnership for USSTAG, under which GEL will deliver high impact team building and leadership training experiences for current and future USSTAG sponsors.... [more]
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Clipper 09-10 Round the World - Fleet speeds towards Cape Town
Clipper Ventures,
Clipper 09-10 Round the World Yacht Race - Skipper Brendan Hall and his team on Spirit of Australia are enjoying the fast reaching conditions. 'We are tracking across the top of a Southern Ocean low pressure system and experiencing some amazing sailing,' he says. 'It's fast and furious out here.... [more]
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BMW Oracle dismasting - Video report from San Diego
Jenifer Musa, Fox-5, San Diego,
Fox5's Jennifer Musa reports on the dismasting of BMW Oracle Racing, including video footage of the 100ft trimaran sailing and close ups of the damage incurred. 'The 200-foot mast on the monster trimaran that will represent the United States in the America's Cup came crashing down during a sail on the Pacific Ocean on Tuesday, snapping in two as it hit the rear beam.... [more]
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Expert Jurists to skip America's Cup Hearing
Richard Gladwell,
The Expert Jurists advising the New York Supreme Court on the Five Questions posed by Justice Shirley Korneich in her decision of last Friday, will not now attend the the Court Hearing scheduled for Friday morning. Instead the panel will meet on Saturday morning and will consider their responses, and will advise the Court directly. After receiving that advice Justice Shirley Kornreich will deci... [more]
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La Solidaire du Chocolat - Squeezing more into the lead
La Solidaire du Chocolat,
La Solidaire du Chocolat - Tanguy de Lamotte and Adrien Hardy on Initiatives-Novedia, have squeezed an extra 10 miles into their lead. With the front five boats separated by 137 miles, the second wave of four Class40s are under 100 miles apart and have dropped back behind the leaders in lighter breeze.... [more]
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Melges 24 World Championships - Andrew Campbell reports
Andrew Campbell,
Andrew Campbell reports on his participation at the Melges 24 World Championships as part of Team Kirby. The week was a lesson in patience for all of us. To start the week in the high twenties, there were some dark personalities on board.... [more]
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