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Sail-World New Zealand: 29 October 2009

A $10 can of gas looks woefully out of place aboard the high tech BOR90/USA - San Diego - 29 October 2010  Rob Wagner
Welcome Sail-World.Com's New Zealand newsletter for 29 October 2009

America's Cup news once again dominates this issue, however maybe we are at the end of the beginning - or is it the beginning of the end?

Certainly the decision of Justice Shirley Kornreich to declare Ras al-Khaimah, UAE invalid as a venue - although not unexpected, nevertheless was a thunderclap, and left most inside the Courtroom stunned.

There was a similar reaction outside the Courtroom amongst the depleted ranks of America's Cup fans who struggled to grasp the implications of the latest Decision.

In this issue we have stepped back, and taken a look at the issues and options. It is very clear that the only real option left is to take the decision on the chin, and prepare for a match in Valencia on 8 February 2010 - in about 100 days time.

It's time this sorry saga was bought to an end, and Kornreich's decision is a big step in this direction.

Vestas Sailrocket - WRA4 RUN 9 on Walvis Bay  Vestas Sailrocket

Meanwhile in San Diego, the Challenger, BOR90/USA is being fitted out for a final set of sea trials before being shipped to the Match venue.

We have more shots of her gear, thanks to a local San Diegan photographer - the changes are so significant that she is virtually a new yacht.

A new mast is being fitted - their third, and there is a very strongly held opinion that there is a fourth, a wing mast, in the shed.

22' Dhows racing in Dubai  Ashraf Al Amra / DIMC

in other news, the ISAF Match Race Rankings are published, with Adam Minoprio and the BlackMatch Racing team on top of the table.

In this edition we also have a preview of the Telecom New Zealand Match Racing Championships. Plus the latest bulletin from Vestas Speedrocket as they try and set a new world speed sailing record in Walvis Bay, Namiba.

BMW ORACLE Racing - BOR 90 modifications  BMW Oracle Racing © Photo Gilles Martin-Raget

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Good sailing!

Richard Gladwell
NZ Editor


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America's Cup venue in Ras al-Khaimah ruled invalid by Court
Richard Gladwell,
In a Hearing in the New York Supreme Court today, Justice Shirley Kornreich ruled that any venue arbitrarily selected by the Defender of the America's Cup for the 33rd match had to be Deed compliant. The decision from the Bench surprised many, and means that the only valid venue for the 33rd Match is Valencia, Spain; or a Southern Hemisphere venue; or a venue determined by mutual consent between... [more]
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Gladwell's Line: A rough week for the Cup at 60 Centre Street
Richard Gladwell,
Justice Shirley Kornreich's decisions, handed down from the Bench of the New York Supreme Court at 60 Centre Street, New York, should have surprised no-one. The words 'America's Cup' have now become a byline for long run litigation in sport, that benefits no-one.... [more]
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Images of San Diego: BOR90 up Close and Personal - 2
Rob Wagner,
Additional images taken earlier today in San Diego of the Golden Gate YC's challenger for the America's Cup, after she was launched and rigged earlier this week.... [more]
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Musto Skiffs Open meeting at Weymouth
Richard Pelly,
Weymouth Musto Skiffs Open Meeting report. 22 Musto Skiffs arrived at the Sailing Academy to be met by persistent rain and wind, lovely conditions to rig up in. For the first event, only 10 competitors lined up and quickly a pattern immerged.... [more]
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Coutts calls for Valencia to be confirmed as venue for America's Cup
Golden Gate YC Media,
Valencia is the best option to get the America's Cup back on track as soon as possible. This is what sailing fans from around the world are waiting for. Both BMW ORACLE Racing and Alinghi still have bases in the Port America's Cup. The infrastructure created to the specification of the Swiss defender is in place, available and ready to recreate the atmosphere of the previous Matches. Cup in 2007... [more]
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Dockwise Yacht Transport - Record load bound for Bahamas
Barby MacGowan,
On November 3, when the 556-foot Super Servant 4, one of Dockwise Yacht Transport's (DYT) fleet of four semi-submersible ships, leaves Newport, R.I., it will be packed stem to stern with a record load of 50 recreational cruising and racing boats, worth upward of $41 million... [more]
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Images of San Diego: BOR90 up Close and Personal - 1
Rob Wagner,
Images taken earlier today in San Diego of the Golden Gate YC's challenger for the America's Cup, after she was launched and rigged earlier this week.... [more]
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ONE Sport looks at the America's Cup options after Court Decision
Martin Tasker, ONE Sport,
International sailing reporter, Martin Tasker, from ONE Sport looks at the options ahead for the America's Cup, including footage from inside the New York Supreme Court, Ras al-Khaimah, Russell Coutts and Sail-World.com's NZ/US Editor editor... [more]
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Vestas Sailrocket - Into the Twilight
Sail-World.com and Paul Larsen,
The very latest news from Vestas Sailrocket. 'The rig is up again, and the sun is down. We are hoping we might just get that one awesome gust, just 20 seconds is all we want. ' Paul Larsen... [more]
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Business as usual for Alinghi post America's Cup venue decision
Richard Gladwell,
America's Cup Defender, Alinghi, have confirmed that they are continuing to run their development program in Ras al-Khaimah, despite the adverse decision handed down from the Bench of the New York Supreme Court yesterday. In a statement posted on their website, the Swiss two time winner of the America's Cup said: 'Alinghi continues with its training plan towards the 33rd America's Cup scheduled... [more]
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Andrew Campbell reports from the Melges 24 Worlds
Andrew Campbell,
Andrew Campbell reports from the 2009 Melges 24 World Championshipsin Annapolis, where he is racing onboard Rome Kirby's charter USA 620, as tactician.... [more]
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ISAF Match Race Rankings - Minoprio and Leroy remain on top
New Zealand's Adam Minoprio and French skipper Claire Leroy are again unmoved from the top spots in the latest release of the ISAF World Match Race Rankings on 28 October.... [more]
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Clipper 09-10 Race 3 - Crews adjust to choppy conditions
Clipper Ventures,
Clipper 09-10 Race 3 - Rio de Janeiro to Cape Town. The lumpy conditions weren't very much in evidence in the first two races of the Clipper 09-10 series so it will take some time for crews to adjust. Race Director Joff Bailey says, 'All of the teams are currently sailing hard on the wind into a very lumpy sea which will be taking its toll on body and mind as the boats plough through waves and the... [more]
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International Yacht Restoration School Open Houses
Cynthia Goss,
The International Yacht Restoration School will host open houses at both its Newport and Bristol facilities in November.... [more]
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International Rolex Regatta - More than meets the eye
Barby MacGowan,
International Rolex Regatta – Now is the time of year when sailors from the U.S. and Europe plan their trips to the Caribbean to participate in one or more of the popular island regattas traditionally held there every Spring.... [more]
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Liquidator optimistic about the future of Azzura Marine Nowra
Jeni Bone MarineBusiness-World.com,
A liquidator for Azzura Marine Nowra, a wholly owned subsidiary of Azzura Marine, says he has already received a 'number of enquiries' about purchasing the company's assets after it went into voluntary liquidation on October 15th. Azzura Marine Nowra was one of three boatbuilding ventures in Australia owned by Azzura Marine.... [more]
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British couple kidnapped by pirates, Seychelles
Media Services,
A rescue mission is under way to locate British couple, Paul and Rachel Chandler, after they went missing while sailing from the Seychelles towards Tanzania last Friday.... [more]
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Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy celebration
Cailah Leask,
The Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy (WPNSA) will be marking the 1000 day countdown to the Games with a local ‘Revive Portland Project' Halloween event. The 31st October trick or treat weekend event will be free to the entire South West, including a lantern procession starting at 18:00 from Portland Castle, fanfare of ship's sirens and magnificent water based firework display at 20:... [more]
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Sailrocket - Fast but not enough so it's do or die tomorrow
Sail-World.com and Paul Larsen,
Vestas Sailrocket team is in Walvis Bay, Namibia attempting to break the World Sailing Speed Record. Today was promising...almost a record run but not quite.... [more]
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Images of San Diego: BOR90 is relaunched, rerigged and ready to roll!
Gilles Martin-Raget,
Images from Gilles Martin-Raget of the Golden Gate YC's America's Cup Challenger, BOR90 rigged up and ready to go after five weeks of modifications in San Diego... [more]
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Top field chases Barker's title in Telecom New Zealand Match Racing
Barry Davies, RNZYS,
The 2009 New Zealand Match Racing Championships, sponsored by Telecom, are less than three weeks away and with a line up of top New Zealand match racers this event will host some highly competitive racing. While last year's winner Dean Barker is unavailable to defend his title due to Emirates Team New Zealand commitments, there will be plenty of sailors aspiring to the title.... [more]
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Statement from America's Cup holder on Fiduciary Duty challenge
Alinghi Media and Richard Gladwell,
The Defender of the America's Cup and current Trustee, Societe Nautique de Geneve has reacted angrily to the Breach of Fiduciary Duty (BFD) action lodged today: 'By filing their eighth legal action in two years, Larry Ellison and his Golden Gate Yacht Club (GGYC) have demonstrated yet again that their true intention is to win sailing's most prestigious trophy in court instead of on the water.... [more]
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Sailrocket team ready and waiting as clock is ticking
Sail-World.com and Paul Larsen,
Vestas Sailrocket team is attempting to break the World Sailing Speed record at Walvis Bay in Namibia. The record attempt ends on Thursday - just three days left to achieve their dream.... [more]
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Al Hur Rashid Al Muhairi's 'Dahees' ('Clear Air') victorious in Dubai
Sharon Allison, Dubai International Marine Club,
It is very heartening to see pockets of real traditional boat racing around the world. There is a whole plethora of craft racing in the Caribbean, the Indonesians are into the trad stuff big time, and now there is a resurgence of dhow racing taking place in the United Arab Emirates.... [more]
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