New Zealand Team reports on the final day at the ISAF Nations Cup

The New Zealand team at the Nations Cup
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The New Zealand Team report on the final day at the ISAF Nations Cup:

We had one race on day four that was the playoff for 7th/8th place. The USA team lost the repechage so we were up against them after the semi finals were completed.

It was a beautiful day for racing with a light to moderate onshore breeze that built through the day. We had a great start against the USA team, forcing them to tack twice as the start gun went. We bounced them out to the starboard layline with some tight lee-bow tacks, giving us a lead of about 2 boatlengths at the top mark. We extended slightly on the run and the next beat to win with a lead of around 4 lengths.

The Semi Finals were interesting to watch. Both of the teams that won the open and womans round robins seemed to choose to race their toughest opposition in the semi finals, which was a best of three. The French mens team won their semi final 3-1 against Portugal but the USA womens team ended up losing 2-3 to world number one Claire Leroy.

Overall the competitors in this regatta have been extremely evenly matched. For example if we had beaten Brazil they would not have made the 4th to 7th place repercharge and wouldn't have been in the final.

The team would like to thank the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron and the Lion Foundation Youth Training Program, of which three of us are members. Also big thanks to the Parents who helped us organise this awesome experience.


Adrian, Pete, Will and Scott