New Years Eve - end of the 63rd Sydney- Hobart

Congratulations to the USA's Roger Sturgeon and the Rosebud team and to Bob Oatley, Mark Richards and the Wild Oats XI team and to all the podium placers. A great effort in a very tricky race.

Richard de Leyser, Rolex Australia presents Rolex Yacht-Master timepiece to Roger Sturgeon, ROSEBUD, overall IRC handicap winner

To all the sailors who nearly won, but missed out, better luck next time... we know how it feels, we've been there too.

For the winner’s memories live for ever but the key to this race is that well known fact that sailors suffer short term memory loss.

Bruce Taylor, the owner skipper of Chutzpah was asked on the dockside, less than an hour after reaching Hobart, whether he would be back... after a gut wrenching finish, once again Storm Bay and the Derwent River cost him the race…after 27 attempts, and seven division wins, he still has no overall victory.

He sighed then said with a wry smile..

‘It’s just a little too early to be putting that question to me right now. Maybe ask me again this evening.’

This is our final newsletter for this race. Thanks for the tremendous feed-back. We will resume normal newsletters after New years Day.

As always we’ve enjoyed the race, with all its highs and lows.

We trust 2008 will bring you sunshine and fair winds.