New Luxury European Superyacht arrives from Australia

There is a new arrival in Europe. Having waited for her to travel halfway around the world from her birthplace in Australia the anticipation of her owner is tangible. Singularity is no ordinary cargo and she is no ordinary yacht.

At 24.5 metres (80-feet) with a maximum beam of 5.33m (17.49-feet), the Lutra 80 Singularity is a slender thoroughbred, conceived with performance and luxury in mind.

Her starting premise was to go fast in comfort. Her conception at McConaghy's in Sydney left no doubt that speed was of the essence.

For example, those engaged in creating the stylish, comfortable interior - Mark Tucker at Design Unlimited- and those engaged in fabricating it - Will Marx at Marxcraft - were given a strict weight regime with which to comply. Of her 24.5 tonnes, only 1.5 tonnes was given over to the internal fit-out.

McConaghy was selected as the builder early in the project. Its record of producing clean fast racing yachts, such as Alfa Romeo II and Wild Oats XI, has given the yard an enviable reputation in the racing world.

Singularity, though, was the yard's first true performance cruiser commission.

Unruffled, the team at McConaghy led by Jono Morris helped Dutch Naval Architect, Adrian Konyendyk of Lutra Yacht Design, and the Owner's Representative, Oleg Gulinskiy, a Muscovite, put together an international task force of experts all of whom have contributed massively to maintaining the integrity of the project.

The list of contributors to the Singularity project reads like a who's who in the performance yachting world:

Adrian Konyendyk, Principal Designer, Lutra Yacht Design, the Netherlands
McConaghy, Principal Yacht Builders, Australia
Gurit-SP, Carbon Structures Engineering, United Kingdom
Sven Korver, Supplementary Engineering, the Netherlands
North Sails - Sail Inventory, Australia
Design Unlimited, Interior Design, United Kingdom
Southern Spars, Mast and Spars, New Zealand
Marxcraft, Interior Construction, Australia
Central Coast Hydraulics, Keel Ram System, Australia
Olectric, PLC Control System, Australia
Boatworks, Systems Installation, Australia
APM, Canting Keel Bulb, Italy
MARIN, Tank testing, The Netherlands
YRU, Wind Tunnel, New Zealand
Rondal, Hatches, the Netherlands

Following her build completion in February of this year, Singularity underwent an extended period of sea-trials, specifically aimed at proving the theory that she would be fast.

SAILING - Singularity 80ft - Lutra Yacht design. City Wharf Marina, Sydney (AUS) - 18/03/10 ph. Andrea Francolini/Singularity

Singularity's boat captain, Andrew Jackson, was joined on the mission to put the yacht through an exhausting examination by round the world racer Bouwe Bekking, the yacht's racing skipper, and, Alistair Pratt from North Sails Australia, coordinator of the inventory.

All three have been delighted with the results. That no major adjustments to the inventory resulted suggests the preliminary work was a singular success.
Onboard Singularity a Lutra 80 Canting keel racer cruiser built in Sydney by McConaghy Boats in Sydney, Australia.
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Singularity is not just a one-off; she has been developed with repetition in mind.

The project team is already undertaking preliminary design research modelling for a larger version.

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Interested potential owners are welcome to contact the following:

Adrian Konyendyk
Lutra Yacht Design
T. +31 653 46 99 55
E. info(at)

Bouwe Bekking
T. +45 2826 0055
E. bouwe.bekking(at)

Oleg Gulinskiy
T. +74 954 227 305
E. bedelbaeva_aigul(at)

Singularity a Lutra 80 Canting keel racer cruiser built in Sydney by McConaghy Boats. during her first test sail in Sydney Harbour, Australia.
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Singularity 80ft - Lutra Yacht design. Transportation from Mona Vale to City Wharf Marina, Sydney (AUS) - 7/02/10