New Leader at SB3 Worlds - day 4

SB3 World Championship 2008
Gareth Craig (Fotosail)

After a day of snakes and ladders Craig Burlton regains a five-point lead at the top, with Geoff Carveth in second and South African skipper Dave Hudson, winner at Cork Week, nine points adrift of the top slot in third. Ten small points separate Hudson from the boat in eighth place, and another race counted means teams get to discard their worst remaining score, which will tighten things further.

Dublin Bay threw a bone to the locals Thursday as the SB3 World Championships entered its final phase.

Crews were held onshore for the morning, with little wind available to shift the fog that had settled on the water since dawn. Light airs were set to be the order of the day and when the committee finally called everyone out to play, in less than eight knots of wind, knowledge of Dublin Bay’s finicky tidal streams would proved crucial.

The gold fleet, racing in the south-eastern area of the bay, would feel it most pronouncedly, with the course allowing the fleet to split across a major tidal stream. Those who had on board, or who had sought out local knowledge could expect to make big gains if they got things right. In the first race, however, it was all about clean air and boatspeed.

Two of last night’s leaders, Craig Burlton and Mike Budd, failed to find it and tumbled into the twenties, with Geoff Carveth ending up ninth. The top five was, unusually, packed with four Irish skippers and one French helm.

Laser Performance skipper Nico Honor took the gun, followed by Star sailor Peter O’Leary in second. Belfast’s Gareth Flannigan followed, with another Irish Olympian Ger Owens in fourth and Aidan O’Connell one back in fifth. Ian Mills, crew aboard the winning boat, said that going left upwind and keeping clear air helped them nose out in front.

For race two, the tide had turned, and Jerry Hill, skipper of British entry, had also planned out his strategy according to advice from a local . . .

'We’d taken a little bit of advice from a Dragon sailor who sails this bay quite a lot, and he told us that when the breeze is in that quadrant, and you’ve got a north-flowing tide, you really want to tack in towards the Dun Laoghaire shore. 'We hit the right [hand side of the course] pretty hard and we could tell early on that it was paying.'

Hill had to battle with Burlton in the later stages of the race, but held the fleet off to take the win.

In the silver fleet, meanwhile, Tim Cork leads overall.

After today’s delays, things get underway early tomorrow morning to make up for lost time. Whatever happens, the first ever SB3 World Championship will be crowned in Dun Laoghaire’s National Yacht Club tomorrow afternoon.

SB3 Worlds - Leading results after day 4

1GBR3042 Craig BurltonGold1-1725131344-2527735nett pts
2GBR3053 Geoff CarvethGold32-168211689-147040nett pts
3RSA3451 David HudsonGold164-17112173-18118146nett pts
4GBR3106 David LenzGold4-77475356-3288849nett pts
5GBR3231 Tim FellsGold2411-6787313-211314052nett pts
6GBR3465 Jerry HillGold26-38-259781146111754nett pts
7GBR3475Mike BuddGold31141-17192320-4211354nett pts
8GBR3082 Mark RichardsGold6313-202171617-3110756nett pts
9AUS3469 Daniel GeogheganGold41595-23491413-2110864nett pts
10IRL3307 Peter O LearyGold73-1615286-181421210369nett pts
11GBR3027 Chris DarlingGold-27222184212716-3413574nett pts
12GBR3057 Martin BoatmanGold125153111619-29-22512877nett pts
13IRL3500 Peter KennedyGold653-24515164-4482015082nett pts
14GBR3467 Mark RushallGold1174881110-139-472215090nett pts
15GBR3134 Jono ShelleyGold8181461262-23-22141614196nett pts
16GBR3039 Marshal KingGold22-252258104142-491017197nett pts
17GBR3517 Colin SimondsGold14-19871241813527-67194108nett pts
18UAE3360 Hannes WaimerGold17149133-671321-24179207116nett pts
19GBR3527Richard StenhouseGold( )161811157151912-364220117nett pts
20GBR3509Nico HonorGold1616522212212-24-2617172122nett pts
21GBR3152 Guy JacksonGold-351015113251495-3130188122nett pts
22IRL3281 Sean CraigGold332536410-35327-373195123nett pts
23GBR3462 Paul LovejoyGold5861827-419515-4535214128nett pts
24IRL3433 Gareth FlanniganGold82412-3413-67251715328246145nett pts
25GBR3546Richard CatchpoleGold13139212418-27181226-36217154nett pts
26ITA3543Caresani RobertoGold28911291627-4010-5347252159nett pts
27GBR3508Nick PhillipsGold191192018-31872644-56249162nett pts
28GBR3336 Adrian PeachGold10-282714692817646-58249163nett pts
29IRL3551Ronan CollinsGold5147-38-3923231253533243166nett pts
30GBR3021 Charlie WhelanGold2792816192136-4139-59268168nett pts
31IRL3279 Aidan O'ConnellGold17283227-4516-3827538255172nett pts
32GBR3149 Mark GillettGold2615172610-352011-332424241173nett pts
33IRL3232Stefan HydeGold-401835144202381141-51265174nett pts
34IRL3240 Ger OwensGold2823-4510-57342088440277175nett pts
35NZL3287 Ben DuncanGold911-351917173229240-60271176nett pts
36GBR3047 Ben AinsworthGold16( )392126331210119-44288177nett pts
37IRL3283 Gordon PattersonGold12-67313110-67262330126315181nett pts
38POR3256 Peter StrattonGold-32-6723262163221192317287188nett pts
39POR3506Fernando BeloGold24-2613713317262563-67284191nett pts
40ITA3187 Luca Bacci Gold-67282991612-6712231053326192nett pts
41GBR3302 Ian SullivanGold25-346151430322519-3426260192nett pts
42GBR3060 Stewart ReedGold102118425261627-31-5549282196nett pts
43FRA3024 Luc VideauGold39-67-671338181133161119332198nett pts
44IRL3501 Emma McDonaldGold181313-6772824-67323037336202nett pts
45GBR3031 Christina SummerhayesGold7819412819-48462115-52304204nett pts
46GBR3154 Jeremy EntwistleGold21272410161321-2913-6461299206nett pts
47IRL3322 Robert CahillGold42-6710351122211228-6127336208nett pts
48IRL3490 Daragh SheridanGold-5322373365311530-4229303208nett pts
49GBR3081 Jonno BrechGold18-41-533027171937202923314220nett pts
50IRL3324 Kieran DorganGold132927-351529291617-5845313220nett pts