New, Green and Electric - It's the latest Whisper!

Calypso 23e
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Whisper electric outboard
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It's environmentally friendly and it needs no gasoline. The Calypso 23e, powered by the Whisper XT electric outboard can cruise up to 8.5 mph, is powered by 600 pounds of military grade Odyssey advanced AGM dry-cell batteries and can be charged overnight from a standard 115 volt outlet.

'For less than $2.00 worth of electricity anyone and everyone can enjoy -- and afford -- a relaxing day on the water,' said Capt. Todd Sims, Vice President of the producing company EPower Marine. 'In today's world, people are actively looking for ways to unwind keeping costs minimal. Our customers find electric boats their answer.'

The real winner is what powers the boat. The Whisper XT electric outboard motor utilizes new electric marine motor technology developed for the U.S. Navy. It's a high-performance commercial electric outboard motor system that is roughly equivalent to a 15hp gasoline outboard motor.

It is the newest motor from Electric Propulsion Innovation Corporation (EPIC). Built for freshwater and marine environments, this motor does it all.
It is perfect for many boat types - dinghies, pontoon boats, small sailboats, almost any other watercraft you can mount it on - and it is certified in the USA for offshore marine environments as well !!

Available in remote-operated or tiller model
Operates at a wide range of voltages, from 24 to 72 volts with no changes made to the motor.
Adjustable shaft for long and short applications.
Variable speed control, with infinite control over the entire speed range.
Breakaway release.
Saltwater ready.
Digital panel meter reads volts and amps.
Slotless, brushless DC motor
On the remote model, a steering tube attachment that accepts your steering cable and a link arm are included to complete the hookup.
All motors carry a 2 year warranty

It's available at many outlets, so check with your local outlet, but here's one organisation that specialises in green technology:

GreenMarine LLC
26 Front Street
Newburgh, NY 12550
Tom Glendening and Arnold Cohen
Tel: +1 845-298-0277 or +1 845-527-1742 --

Fort Lauderdale Boat Show
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This is just one of the new exciting wares that will be launched at the 49th Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, coming soon.

Covering six sites it will feature more than $3 billion worth of boats, yachts, superyachts, electronics, engines and thousands of accessories from every major marine manufacturer and builder worldwide.

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