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Neptune Regatta 2011. Right on the line.
The inaugural Neptune Regatta at the beginning of this year was nothing less than a huge success. Racing to a finish line at zero degrees - the equator - proved to be a major attraction for the adventurous souls who signed up for the event, and they were not disappointed. Sailing through the beautiful waters of the Riau Archipelago, camping on 'Neptune Island', a print race to the Equator, and altogether more fun than you can shake a stick at. We know - we were there, and we will certainly be there for the next edition of this engaging event.

Word has evidently got around - the entry list has been capped at 30 sailing boats and 10 motor yachts, and there are only a few slots left. If you think you are overdue for 'something different', then sign up as son as possible. Heck, this year's programme even includes a football match against the local islanders thrown in for good measure!

We know from our experience at the 2011 event that the Neptune is a class act - so if you have any inclination to graduate from a Slimy Pollywog to a Trusty Shellback, get with this programme, cross the line, and get the t-shirt!




The Neptune Regatta organisers invite you to join them for the only sailing regatta in the world specifically designed to take participants to the Equator and back, sailing through pristine tropical waters. Their hope is that you will have a safe, fun and competitive week sailing in waters into which you are otherwise unlikely to venture. More information is available on the regatta’s website This document is the Notice of Race.

• Registration and Measurement 4-5th Feb 2012
• Racing 6-11th Feb 2012
See also section 7 schedule below.

3.1. The Neptune Regatta will be held in and around the Riau Islands of Indonesia.
3.2. The Regatta Harbour, from which racing starts and finishes, is Nongsa Point Marina & Resort (NPMR) ( on the Indonesian island of Batam, 12nm SSE of Singapore’s Changi Airport.
3.3. A map of the racing areas is available on the regatta website (
3.4. The racing area is covered by the following Admiralty and Indonesian Charts:

Hydrographic Office Chart No. Title Scale
Admiralty 1789 Pulau-Pulau Lingga 1:250,000
2403 Singapore Strait and Eastern Approaches 1:200,000
3831 Singapore Strait Eastern Part 1:75,000
3949 Selat Riau 1:125,000
Indonesian 42 Selat Riau dan Air Pelayaran di Sekitarnya 1:100,000
46 Pulau-Pulau Lingga 1:125,000

4.1. Neptune Sailing Pte Ltd and the Neptune Regatta Organising Committee.
4.2. The Neptune Regatta is endorsed by the Indonesia Sailing Federation, the regatta’s National Authority (

5.1. The Neptune Regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing (2009-2012) (
5.2. No national prescriptions will apply.
5.3. ISAF Offshore Special Regulations Category 3 without Liferaft will apply (monohulls, multihulls Skippers are advised that inspections will be carried out.
5.4. The International Regulations for the Preventing Collisions at Sea (IRPCAS) will apply between sunset and sunrise and will replace the rules of RRS Part 2 (
5.5. If there is a conflict between languages the English text will take precedence.
5.6. Yachts may carry 4 spinnakers without incurring an increase in penalty. This changes IRC Rule 21.6.2(a)
5.7. IRC Rule 22.4.2 is amended such that the maximum number of crew shall be the number printed on the IRC plus one. There shall be no limit on crew weight.

Neptune Regatta 2011. Mico Verde.

6.1. The regatta is open to a maximum of 40 boats and this will nominally be subdivided to allow entry for 30 sailing yachts capable of meeting ISAF Offshore Special Regulations Category 3 requirements and 10 motor yachts. The regatta fleet will be divided into the following classes:
• IRC Racing Class
• PY Cruising Class
• Ocean Multihull Class
• Motor Yacht Rally Fleet¹
¹ Motor Yachts fall outside of the Sailing Federation and are therefore not deemed ‘official racers’ but shall be organised as a M/Y Rally.
6.2. IRC Racing Class is open to all yachts holding a valid 2011 IRC Certificate. The original or certified true copy of the Certificate shall be presented for inspection at the Regatta Office during registration procedures. No changes to a boat’s TCC will be permitted after the final entry date in 6.6 below, except as a result of a measurement correction following a check by the Official Measurer, a rating protest, or to correct a Rating Office error. This event does not require Endorsed Certificates. A yacht’s sail wardrobe shall comply with IRC Rule 21.1.5 ( except that boats shall obtain permission from the Race Committee before replacing a sail in accordance with IRC Rule 21.1.5(f).
6.3. PY Cruising and Ocean Multihull Classes shall operate under a Performance Handicap system. Yachts in these classes are expected to have and use fully operational live-aboard facilities to accommodate crew for five consecutive nights afloat.
6.4. The Race Committee reserves the right to subdivide any or all of the classes based on its analysis of received entries in the interests of fair racing. Any resulting reclassification of yachts shall not be subject to protest.
6.5. Eligible boats may enter by completing the online Registration Form found at Would-be participants without internet access may contact the organisers on (+65) 9488 8110 for hard copy information and forms.
6.6. Entries are to be received by the organising committee no later than 5pm (Singapore time, GMT+8) Friday 20th January 2012. NB as Neptune has a limited number of boat entries, early registration is strongly advised.


Sailing Instructions released Fri 6 Jan 2012 n/a Via website
Entry Closes Fri 20 Jan 2012 1700(S)*
Registration Opens Sat 4 Feb 2012 1200 NPMR
Measurement Starts
Inspections Start Sun 5 Feb 2012 1200 NPMR
Registration Closes 1600
Inspections End 1800
Measurement Ends
Skippers’ Briefing
Opening Ceremony and Party 1900
Warning Signals Motor Yacht Rally Leg 1 Passage NMPR to Pulau Karas Besar Mon 6th Feb 2012 1000 Off NPMR
PY Cruising Class Race 1 1005
Ocean Multihull Class Race 1 1010
IRC Racing Race 1 Passage NPMR to Equator 1015
Motor Yacht Rally Leg 2 Passage Pulau Karas Besar to Pulau Buaya Tue 7th Feb 2012 1000 Karas Besar Anchorage
PY Cruising Class Race 2 1005
Ocean Multihull Class Race 2 1010
IRC Racing Race 2 Windward Leewards 1200 Buaya Anchorage
IRC Racing Race 3 After Race 2
Island Party 1900 Neptune Island
Warning Signals Motor Yacht Rally Leg 3 Equator Sprint Race Wed eighth Feb 2012 1000 Buaya Anchorage
PY Cruising Class Race 3 1005
Ocean Multihull Class Race 3 1010
IRC Racing Race 4 1015
Beach Party 1900 Neptune Island
Lay Day. Afternoon activities are being planned Thr 9th Feb 2012 1400 Pulau Blanding
Warning Signals Motor Yacht Rally Leg 4 Passage Pulau Buaya to Pulau Karas Besar Fri 10th Feb 2012 1000 Buaya Anchorage
PY Cruising Class Race 4 1005
Ocean Multihull Class Race 4 1010
IRC Racing Race 5 Passage Pulau Buaya to NPMR 1015
Motor Yacht Rally Leg 5 Passage Race Pulau Karas Besar to NPMR Sat 11th Feb 2012 1000 Karas Besar Anchorage
PY Cruising Class Race 5 1005
Ocean Multihull Class Race 5 1010
IRC Racing Race 6 Windward Leewards 1200 Off NPMR
IRC Racing Race 7 After Race 6
Closing Ceremony and Party 1900 NPMR
*(S) denotes Singapore Time (GMT+8), otherwise all times are Batam Time (GMT+7).

Joint activities are planned on Pulau Blanding in conjunction with the local community on the afternoon of the Lay Day. Each participating yacht is to nominate a member of her crew to form Team Neptune who has been challenged to a game of football by the villagers. Other activities may also be arranged. The day is intended so that ‘we’ can better get to know ‘them’ such that ‘everyone’ benefits. The regatta organisers request participants refrain from bringing alcohol onto Pulau Blanding in respect of the local culture. The Jetty Bar will be open on Neptune Island.

Neptune Regatta 2011. Mantra crosses the equator.

8.1. Boat Entry Fee, inclusive of Skipper’s Fee US$420
8.2. Individual Crew/Guest Member Entry Fee US$180
8.3. The above fees must be paid prior to the registration date. NO PAY, NO PLAY.
8.4. Fees cover the cost of support, all official social events and the issue of complimentary Regatta souvenirs. Non-sailing socialites may enjoy the social events upon payment of the Individual Crew Fee or a proportion thereof for individual events at Nongsa Point Marina.

An IRC measurer will be available at NPMR to measure yachts and sails. In addition to the inspections discussed in 5.3 above, the IRC measurer may, at his sole discretion, require any yacht to be inspected and/or measured for purposes of checking or issuing an IRC certificate for such yacht, and costs associated therewith, if any, shall be borne by the yacht’s skipper/owner.

The sailing instructions shall be available after 1700h Fri 6th Jan 2012.

11.1. Full course details will be made available with the Sailing Instructions. Preliminary course details are available on the regatta website ( Where there is a difference between information available on the regatta website and the Sailing Instructions, the Sailing Instructions shall take precedence.
11.2. Zero The Race shall provisionally run as follows: From the start/finish line off Pulau Buaya, competitors will sail due south to a committee boat anchored on the Equator, which will be rounded to Port. Yachts will then return to the start/finish line.
11.3. However, at the Equator buoys will be laid either side of the committee boat to create southbound and northbound gates. As a yacht passes through the southbound gate, her time will be ‘frozen’. The yacht’s time will be restarted as she passes through the northbound gate.
11.4. Yachts may simply round the committee boat and head immediately back to the start/finish line if they wish, however, the intention is that ‘freezing’ the time will allow His Royal Highness King Neptune, Ruler of the Raging Main, together with his loyal Scribe, Davy Jones, the opportunity to meet with and inspect any and all Slimy Pollywogs who are Crossing the Line for the first time without detrimentally affecting a yacht’s elapsed time.
11.5. Skippers are to be aware that depending on the prevailing conditions, there may be a tactical advantage in passing through the northbound gate either as soon as possible or as late as possible. Any such tactical advantage shall not be subject to a protest.
11.6. All Classes will have the same time limit (provisionally 1700h). Any yacht not reaching the finish line before the time limit shall be recorded as DNF regardless of how much time elapsed between her passing through the southbound and northbound gates. Any such DNF shall not be subject to a protest.
11.7. Should the Sailing Instructions differ from the above, the Sailing Instructions shall take precedence.

12.1. The low point scoring system, provided in Appendix A of ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing, shall apply.
12.2. Three races are required to be completed to constitute a series for all classes.
12.3. For PY Cruising and Ocean Multihull Classes, when five races have been completed, a boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores excluding her worst score.
12.4. For Motor Yacht Rally, a point system is being devised and will be completed in time for inclusion in the SI.
12.5. For IRC Racing Class, when six races have been completed, a boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores excluding her worst score.

A Protest Committee chaired by an International Juror shall be appointed in accordance with Rule 91(a) of the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing.

14.1. Except in an emergency, a boat shall neither make radio transmissions while racing nor receive radio communications not available to all boats. This restriction also applies to mobile telephones.
14.2. NPMR operates on VHF Ch72 and this shall also be the regatta’s operating channel.

Complimentary berths will be available at NPMR for any boats taking part in the Neptune Regatta and using accommodation at NPMR. Should boat owners wish to not stay at NPMR or any affiliated hotels, then standard berthing fees will apply.

Neptune Regatta 2011. Camp Neptune.

16.1. Accommodation is available at NPMR ( for the nights respective classes are based there. All yachts will be at NPMR on the evening of Sunday 5th February. IRC Racing yachts will return on the evening of Friday 10th February and the remainder of the fleet will return on the afternoon of Saturday 11th February.
16.2. A tented village will be established on Neptune Island and is intended primarily for the use of IRC Racing yacht crews. Tents accommodating up to 6 crew each are available on a first come first served basis.
16.3. Since yachts in PY Cruising, Ocean Multihull and Motor Yacht Classes are already required to live aboard during the southbound and northbound passages, it is expected that their crews will similarly live aboard at anchor in the vicinity of Pulau Buaya.
16.4. Details as they currently stand are available on the regatta website (

17.1. Prizes will be awarded to the boats with the three lowest overall series scores and individual races in each Class. The major trophies are listed below:
Trophy Overall Regatta Winner IRC Class
Trophy Overall Regatta Winner PY Class
Trophy Overall Regatta Winner Ocean Multihull
Spirit of Neptune Best Support & Party Boat Motor Yachts
Trophy for ‘ZERO – The Race’ Winner Of Equator Sprint Race One Trophy Per Class*
* Prizes will be awarded to the boats with the fasted corrected times for Zero The Race in each Class.
17.2. Additional prizes may be awarded by Regatta sponsors for individual race winners, line honours, highest average speed and other achievements.

Neptune Regatta 2011. El Oro's Burmese crew are initiated as Trusty Shellbacks.

Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta.

Advertising shall be in accordance with ISAF Regulation 20 (Advertising Code). In accordance with this code the race committee may require all boats to display the event organiser’s advertising on their bows and/or on backstay pennants ( ). Boats with advertising material incorporated shall include details with their Entry Form. The Race Committee reserves the right to forbid items of advertising which may conflict with Neptune Regatta Sponsors.

No ISAF Sailor Classification Code (ISAF Rule 22) shall apply. ( )

Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability insurance. Entrants shall declare that such cover is and will be maintained in full force throughout the Neptune Regatta. It is also recommended that all crew and others on board are adequately insured, including against medical costs. (See section 18 Disclaimer of Liability above)

Nongsa Point Marina provides 24-hours security service ensuring complete peace of mind for boat owners. The Neptune Regatta is conducted with the assistance of the Indonesian Navy with naval support vessels. Further details of naval support will be given in the Neptune Regatta Sailing Instructions.

23.1. CIQP services are available on arrival at NPMR if NPMR are given 24 hours advance notice. Skippers will need to fax over a certified copy of the crew list containing the full names, nationalities and passport numbers for everyone on board the vessel to NPMR at +62 778 761 330 to ensure efficient clearance.
23.2. Please note that Indonesian regulations require that a yacht’s Indonesian courtesy flag is the same size or larger than and flown higher from the starboard spreaders than the yacht’s own national ensign.

For Visa on Arrival details please see The current fee is US$25 for a single entry 30-day stay visa. If your nationality is not listed, you will need to apply for an Indonesian entry visa before departing for Indonesia.

25.1. Any non-Indonesian yacht (and therefore the majority of the regatta fleet) wishing to sail in Indonesian waters is required to first register the yacht with the Indonesian Authorities to obtain a Sailing Registration Booklet, commonly known as a ‘Green Book’ and then apply for a Sailing Permit. Both may be obtained through:
Blk 531 Upper Cross Street, #04-31 Hong Lim Complex, Singapore 050531
+65 6737 1312 or e-mail:
25.2. For ‘Green Book’ applications, the following documents are required along with the originals for verification:
• 2 copies of latest Boat Registration Licence
• 2 copies of owner's or authorised user's Boat Licence
• 2 copies of boat insurance policy or insurance cover note (covering Riau Waters)
• 3 copies passport sized photographs of owner or authorised user
• Signed Indemnity and Undertaking Form
Clearance and registration takes approximately 2 weeks from the date of submission of the application. Upon approval and registration with the INDONESIAN EMBASSY, a Sailing Registration Booklet (Green Book) will be issued.
25.3. The holder of a valid Sailing Registration Booklet is eligible to apply for a Single Entry or 6 or 12 months duration Multiple Re-entry Sailing Permit through Golden Image Services Pte Ltd.
25.4. The Sailing Registration Booklet is renewable upon expiry or upon transfer or change of ownership of the boat.
25.5. The Sailing Registration Booklet is subject always to the validity of the Boat Registration License and Insurance.
25.6. When applying for a Sailing Permit, applicants are to present:
• Complete crew list
• Valid Sailing Registration Booklet (Green Book)
• Boat Registration License
• Insurance Certificate
25.7. A Sailing Permit shall not exceed the validity period of the Sailing Registration (Green Book).

For further information please contact or call (+65) 9488 8110
Or visit our dedicated regatta website:

Thank You!
The Neptune Team

Neptune Regatta 2011. More DRC, anyone?

Neptune Regatta 2011. Bacon sarnies, the breakfast of champions.