Navy bid farewell - Aviva under tow by Spanish tug

Spanish Tug arrives to tow Aviva
Today has been a waiting game as the Spanish tug made her way to my aid.

At 15:30hrs Thursday afternoon the navy bid me farewell and the tug guys took over. They took me under tow in a difficult sea state and began guiding me to Spain.

It is slow going but conditions will continue to improve as the wind continues to drop and the sea state settles, so hopefully we can increase our speed and get to La Coruna where the boat team is waiting and more importantly Harry is there to give me a cuddle because I need one.

In the mean time I shall continue to try a fight the rudders, as one is twisted since the dismasting and get the boat to follow the tug without me having to hand steer all the time.

At 09.00 UTC today, Dee Caffari reported that she and her dismasted Open 60 yacht Aviva, currently under tow by Spanish tug, are not scheduled to arrive at La Coruna port until around midnight tonight, which means yet another long, cold day at sea.

Caffari and Aviva have spent a long, slow night heading towards the northern Spanish port at a steady speed of 4 knots. As daylight broke this morning Caffari reported that the strong swell, that she has been subjected to since losing her mast on Wednesday morning, had begun to die down enabling the convoy to travel the remaining miles to La Coruna at 6 knots.

Once on dry land, Caffari will be keen to ensure Aviva is safe and secure before bidding farewell to the boat that has been her sole companion for the last 21 days. Caffari will then return to the UK on Sunday 23 December, just in time to spend Christmas with her family and friends. However, Aviva will be berthed in Spain until after the festive period when one of the Aviva Ocean Racing shore team will ensure her safe return to the UK.