Nations’ Cup - Victory for the Philippines

RHKYC Nations Cup 2013
The Nation’s Cup 2013 - 78 boats representing 23 nations were on the start line earlier today for the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club’s most fun regatta, which is as much about the activities on land as it is about those on the water.

Crews are formed along the lines of nation of origin or allegiance. While the Nationality Criteria states that '100% of crew members must be nationals of the country which is represented by the boat they are racing on', the same criteria then go on to offer a multitude of different ways that a ‘wannabe’ can qualify – all the way down to representing a Nation in the Miss Universe Pageant. It’s all about having fun and all of the entries get into the spirit of the event by decorating their boats and wearing fun costumes.

Race Officer Sofia Mascia started the fleet in an easterly wind ranging from 15 to 20kts from Hung Hom and sent them eastwards through the Lei Yue Mun gap and then on to Shek O. The race course saw boats then head to Cape Collinson where they rounded a mark (TCS4) before going back to Shek O and then it was a dash through the harbour to the finish line back at the Club.

Whilst an England entry claimed Line Honours, the overall winner for the 2013 edition of the Nations’ Cup is the Philippines. Second was Wales and third, Japan.

The racing may be over, the prize giving as well... but the party has just been turned up a couple of notches courtesy of Blue Girl beer, the Official Beer of the 2013 Nations’ Cup.

Top thirty boats
RankFleetDivisionBoat NameClassSailNo.NationHelmATIStartFinishElapsedCorrected
1 10:30:00Phact or PhictionFlying Fifteen3722PhilippinesSimon Pickering0.81810:36:0013:51:303:15:302:39:55
2 10:30:00TchaikoffskyFlying Fifteen3981WalesHoward Williams0.81810:36:0013:54:403:18:402:42:31
3 10:30:00Japan FriesFlying Fifteen3876JapanAkira Takada0.81810:36:0013:54:583:18:582:42:45
4 10:50:00Gunga DinEtchells1243EnglandNick Burns0.93210:50:0013:44:492:54:492:42:56
5ROW10:30:00Noisy Forefather 2Flying Fifteen3990Hong KongSam Chan0.81810:36:0013:57:333:21:332:44:52
6 10:50:00Dinkum QuestEtchells1051AustraliaBen Williams0.93210:50:0013:50:113:00:112:47:56
7 10:50:00Mac Farquhar's FollyEtchells787ScotlandGordon Gregor0.93210:50:0013:51:353:01:352:49:14
8ROW10:50:00Shrub aka KrautEtchells912DeutschlandJoachim Isler0.93210:50:0013:52:583:02:582:50:31
9 10:50:00Easy TigerEtchells884EnglandMarty Kaye0.93210:50:0013:52:593:02:592:50:32
10ROW11:30:00MacMandrakeBig Boat2282IrelandFred Kinmonth1.1411:30:0013:59:582:29:582:50:58
11 10:50:00The BattlerEtchells903AustraliaMarc Jukes0.93210:50:0013:54:053:04:052:51:34
12 11:30:00BushWakaBig Boat2208New ZealandSteve Trebitsch1.16211:30:0013:57:432:27:432:51:39
13ROW11:30:00Signal 8Big Boat2300AustraliaWarwick Downes/Keith Jacobs1.19511:30:0013:55:332:25:332:53:56
14 11:30:00FfreeFireBig Boat1892EnglandRuss Parker1.35111:30:0013:39:482:09:482:55:22
15 10:50:00CapoeiraEtchells1046EnglandRichard Kendall0.93210:50:0013:59:033:09:032:56:12
16 10:30:00KerfuffleFlying Fifteen3979WalesCarlyon Knight-Evans0.81810:36:0014:13:123:37:122:57:40
17 10:30:00MollImpala1045EnglandPhilip Bowring0.8910:36:0013:56:153:20:152:58:13
18 11:10:00Red Kite IIBig Boat2093USAAnthony Root1.03111:10:0014:02:582:52:582:58:20
19Dutch11:10:00Kei LunBig Boat1691NetherlandsRichard van den Berg1.05411:10:0014:00:002:50:002:59:11
20 10:30:00Rainbow ChaserImpala731Hong KongW Tam0.8910:36:0013:58:053:22:052:59:51
21 10:50:00Wanchai BelleEtchells713FranceYann Dabbadie0.93210:50:0014:03:263:13:263:00:17
22 10:30:00Frantic FortiesFlying Fifteen3469Hong KongChan Wai Chuen0.81810:36:0014:16:253:40:253:00:18
23 11:10:00GambitBig Boat1612EnglandK C Mowser1.01911:10:0014:07:472:57:473:01:10
24 11:10:00MojitoBig Boat1281EnglandSimon Blore1.09811:10:0013:56:032:46:033:02:19
25Dutch10:30:00Puff 'n stuffFlying Fifteen3701NetherlandsSuzanne Downes0.81810:36:0014:18:583:42:583:02:23
26 11:10:00WickedBig Boat2171New ZealandTristan Stewart1.08411:10:0013:58:202:48:203:02:28
27 11:10:00Cave CanemBig Boat1092Hong KongSimon Boyde1.01311:10:0014:10:103:00:103:02:31
28 11:10:00TalkingheadBig Boat1995Hong KongTonny CHUNG1.02511:10:0014:08:082:58:083:02:35
29ROW10:30:00ScallywagRuffian1059EnglandOliver Cully0.78910:36:0014:28:313:52:313:03:27
30 11:10:00Dexter IIBig Boat1832Hong KongJanet Lau / Simon Wong1.03411:10:0014:07:262:57:263:03:28

Full Results here