Nacra Australian Championship 2013 - Close to the finish

F18 Start - 34th Nacra Catamaran Australian Championships
Alistair Brightman
The last day of competition at the Australian Nacra Championship 2013 was fantastic with the sun shining and 20 knots of breeze. Sailors completed three races to jack up the total to twelve with the standings ended up tight in nearly all divisions.

Heading into the final day of racing in the F18 Infusion class, five boats had a chance of winning. Despite the setback of a disqualification the day before, Adam Beattie proved too fast and consistent scoring a first a second and a third on the last day to win the title. The two drops allowed him to drop a DNF and a DSQ. Second overall was Mick Guinea with Dale Mitchell in third.

In the Nacra 5.8s Scott Sandilands had two firsts and a second, and was able to drop his off results from the lighter days to secure the championship. Shane Russell was second overall with Matt Caldwell third.

Jared Potter Nacra 16sq Champion - 34th Nacra Catamaran Australian Championships
Alistair Brightman

In the Nacra 16sq Jared Potter secured three firsts for the day while Geoff Horsley had mixed results. The outcome was that Jared Potter took the championship from Horsley’s grasp on the final day. Corey Holden held off the challenge from Mark Colecliffe to secure third.

Richard Cullum won all three races to win the Nacra 4.5 championship ahead of Phil Robins in second and Karl Brazier in third.

This year’s championship also saw the inclusion of some of the newer Nacra classes with Ross Guinea securing the Nacra 430 championship, Christie Guinea Securing the Nacra 350 title and Steve Bennett securing the Nacra F16 title.