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Southern Spars

Hobie 16 and Hobie 18 North American championships

by Rich McVeigh on 23 Oct 2013
Hobie 16 and Hobie 20 North American Championships
There were breezy conditions on day two of Hobie 16 and Hobie 18 North American championships. Five races were completed in winds of 15-24 knots from the north with moderate waves. Conditions proved to be too challenging for some but most stayed out and enjoyed the sporty conditions and numerous capsizes took place.
Results are delayed due to protests and the Hobie class meeting. Enrique FIGUEROA/Carla MALATRASI (PUR) continue to lead the Hobie 16 class.

Racing continues through Friday.

Hobie 16 (43 boats) (top)
Series Standing - 1 races scored

Information is provisional and subject to modification
Regatta results last updated: Monday, October 21, 2013 9:32:11 PM CDT

Sail   Skipper    1    Total Pos
113663   Enrique Figueroa/
Carla Malatrasi  
  1     1  
113553   Dan Borg/
Liana Giovando  
  2     2  
113854   Walter Myers     3     3  
113702   Mike Montague/
kathy Ward  
  4     4  
108000   Patrick Porter/
Darcy Porter  
  5     5  
113857   Greg Thomas/
Karen Sikora  
  6     6  
112051   Paul Hess/
Mary Ann Hess  
  7     7  
112272   Jason Hess/
Irene Abascal  
  8     8  
123559   Tony Krauss/
Lani Krauss  
  9     9  
113520   Tom Korzeniewski/
Susan Korzeniewski  
  10     10  
112266   Tyler Myers     11     11  
113587   Nicolas Liebel     12     12  
113849   Herb JAMES/
Sharon James  
  13     13  
46   mark modderman/
grace modderman  
  14     14  
28   Rick Quatrone/
Dannielle Carr  
  15     15  
112183   Roger Brown/
Ann Sullivan  
  16     16  
113562   Steve Leo/
Dafna Brown  
  17     17  
111582   Michael McNeir/
Krista Vind  
  18     18  
113866   Rob Jerry/
Darcie Jerry  
  19     19  
110665   David Heroux/
Barbara Powers  
  20     20  
111729   Jesse Ridge/
Tommy Butler  
  21     21  
112226   blair wallace/
Sasha Wallace  
  22     22  
104641   Boyd Bass/
Barbara Bass  
  23     23  
113764   Eric Raybon/
Mike Evans  
  24     24  
112320   Greg Raybon/
Nancy Kornblum  
  25     25  
112376   Bill Kast/
George Miscannon  
  26     26  
111897   Fernando Guirola/
Jose Ignacio Vega  
  27     27  
  28     28  
112259   Rich McVeigh/
Carol Hilk  
  29     29  
Alexandra Edgar  
  30     30  
114216   Mike Hardy/
Janet Hardy  
  31     31  
123558   Kat Porter/
Becky Ashburn  
  32     32  
111677   Jamison Mauk/
Ben Wells  
  33     33  
111962   Mark Ashburn/
Matisse Swanson  
  34     34  
112205   Mark Van Doren/
Nicholas Bostic  
  35     35  
114104   J Rosenbach/
Laura Sullivan  
  36     36  
608   Dom Simonetti/
Marie Donigan  
  37     37  
104940   Tyler Simpson/
Kyle Simpson  
  38     38  
114191   Fred Weidig/
Melissa Weidig  
  39     39  
112003   Gregory Minnaar/
Marah Kvaltine  
  40     40  
102676   Michelle Rathkamp/
David McDaniel  
  41     41  
112386   Max Hudson/
Coco Hudson  
  44/RET     44T  
113896   Marcos Ferrari/
Caroline Sylvestre  
  44/DSQ     44T  
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